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Ways To Disrupt Your Daily Routine for the Better

It’s a common occurrence that happens to a lot of us. You start to get bogged down in your normal daily routine, and everything gets a little too repetitive. We all need a little bit of help to break free from the doldrums of day-to-day life from time to time. There are ways to disrupt your daily routine for the better so you can develop healthier habits going forward.

Embrace the Uncomfortable

A big part of why we stay in our routines for so long is because they are comfortable. They don’t require a lot of brainpower, and our brains are designed to find the easiest and most familiar way to achieve a goal. By doing something uncomfortable, you challenge your brain to come up with new solutions and conclusions. When you feel uncomfortable about starting a new project or going somewhere new, try to tackle that feeling head-on, rather than trying to avoid it. freebie-form-image-daily-mental-health-journal

Schedule Some Freetime

Putting another thing into your schedule may seem counterintuitive, but if you don’t make time to yourself, you’ll just go from one activity to the next without any time to contemplate new things. When you designate a specific block of free time, you’re giving your future self the opportunity to do something different than you normally would.

Create A Purpose

We can often feel rather listless when we’ve been in the same routine for too long. Without a clear direction, we can slip into some dark places if we’re not careful. Try to find something that gives you a reason to get through your daily routine. Maybe you want to volunteer in your community, or maybe you’d like to create something no one else has before. Giving ourselves a purpose goes a long way to disrupt your daily routine for the better. woman with laptop sitting on light gray couch with light blue pillow and blanket

Roll with the Punches

When our routines are so ingrained in us, sometimes we become our own worst enemies. When new things pop up, we run away back to the safety of our routine. Adopting a mindset that allows you to roll with whatever comes your way will make you more adaptable. This adaptability will help you in your struggle to break free from your routine, making you more resilient to change and more prepared to handle difficulties.

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