Have you ever used a digital planner? I tried out digital planning with BOSS Personal Planner's budget planner. Check out my review!

BOSS Digital Budget Planner Review

Have you ever used a digital planner? BOSS Planners reached out to me with the opportunity to try one out on my own! I chose their digital budget planner and tried it out on my own. You can view my first experience with digital planners in the video below or read on for my review!


Digital Budget Planner Used

BOSS Personal Planners has a lot of various physical and digital planners available, but I chose their budget planner! I chose this one because it is unlike anything I offer here at ElizabethJournals and it is a planner type that I have always wanted to be more proficient at using. Perhaps having a digital version would make it possible!

First Impressions: BOSS Planner Digital Budget Planner

My first impressions scrolling through the planner were positive! I loved the functional tabs and did not find it too difficult to navigate at all. The planner was pretty self-explanatory and had some really neat sections that I would not have thought of on my own. I was testing the planner on my phone and laptop since I do not have a tablet. This posed a challenge, but the planner was completely usable on both devices!

Pros & Cons

Next, lets talk pros and cons!

The Positives

  • Easy to use
  • Functional on multiple PDF Readers
  • Android and Apple compatible
  • Detailed
  • Functional on a laptop
  • Functional on a phone
  • Love the wishlist

The Negatives

  • Tablet would be ideal
  • PDF Readers can be difficult for first-time users

Final Thoughts: Digital Budget Planner

After playing around on the digital budget planner for a while, I realized that typing function was challenging to use with my touch screen laptop. Perhaps a mouse and some practice would have helped. It could also be the specific PDF reader at fault. That is why I did not vote this in 'the negatives' above; however, it is something to keep in mind. The typing function was far easier when I used my phone. The planner is more challenging to use on the smaller phone screen, but zooming in made it doable. I would definitely recommend you use your laptop or a tablet if you have access to one. Overall, I loved the Budget planner and the concept of a digital planner! I wish I were more consistent in using one; it would be super beneficial!

While I still prefer writing on paper, a digital budget planner would be an excellent solution for anyone who does not want to carry around a notebook in addition to the devices they already carry around!! I highly recommend the BOSS Budget Planner!

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