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Delft-Inspired Bullet Journal PWM | February 2021

February is drawing near and it is time to talk about my February 2021 bullet journal spread. This month's theme is Delft Cornware-inspired and includes a bonus layout!

Let's check out my Delft-inspired February 2021 bullet journal plan-with-me!

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Delft-Inspired Bullet Journal Theme Breakdown

This month, I got myself some blue on white PoooliPaper and wanted to try it out. I also got the new XL printer and tested it on my bonus page! Regardless, this month's theme was inspired by Delft China designs because that is exactly what I thought of when choosing the blue on white paper.

So, naturally, I scoured the internet for tile-style versions of Delft patterns. This was a harder feat than I expected it to be, but I eventually found some! I found four different patterns that were perfect for what I needed. This allowed each week to have its own pattern and then for there to be a mix on the cover page.

Because the blue on white paper is also sticky, it worked out perfectly for creating the effect of this layout! Watch the video above to seek exactly what I did to create my delft-inspired bullet journal concept for February 2021!

As you can see below, I also created a photo-gallery style page. This page is separate from my February theme.

February 2021 Layout Explanation

I am a very predictable bullet journaler; February's layout is ultimately identical to my January 2021 spread. But, let's still talk about it!

The bulk of my February layout includes a two-page cover and one-page weeklies. The cover page is two pages with February" across the center in black script lettering. The backdrop for this layout is the delft tile theme that I discussed before. As described, the tiles on the cover page include a pattern of all four delft style.

Next are my weeklies. These are generally the same as normal, with 6 boxes representing a weekday and the sixth box representing Saturday and Sunday.

The lettering is in the same blank as the cover page. One difference is that the first two weeks have a script "February" header; however, the final two weeks' header is in bold print lettering.

The primary header is in the center of the two pages and the week numbers are in the outer corners. And again, the backdrop is the delft-inspired tiles, which are different for each week.

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What do you think of the delft-inspired bullet journal theme? Check out the rest of my planner!


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