Ashlee of @scribblesofsubstance | December Bujo Feature

Ashlee of @scribblesofsubstance | December Bujo Feature

This month's featured bullet journal is @scribblesofsubstance, which is an account I greatly appreciate! I love when bullet journals actively help out other journalers and encourage a healthy beginning. This is exactly what Ashlee does!

Meet Ashlee of @scribblesofsubstance


I'm Ashlee Begoray and I'm 33 years young. I've been a teacher for 10 years and I've been bullet journaling for about a year now. I started @scribblesofsubstance after I seen how bullet journaling impacted my students in such a positive way! I also have an obsession with lists, pens and washi tape so bullet journaling and me are a natural fit!

My Bullet Journal Journey

I teach bullet journaling once a week to my 2-15-year-old students. Usually, my class ends up full! Many see how organized and calmer they are, after journaling. I love how my students inspire me in my own bullet journaling!

Tips for Bullet Journal Beginners:

When I started, I was so nervous to make a mistake. I now realize that one of the best aspects of bujo is that you can look back and see how much better you are at it. It's so satisfying!

  • Tip #1 - make mistakes and celebrate them because that means you're getting better!
  • Tip #2 - try and write at least one thing per day that you think was positive. I do this on my weekly spreads. I find it just ends the day on a positive. Sometimes it's the smallest things like taking your dog for a walk that you appreciate. I find it centers me and helps me to reflect on the goodness in my life.
  • Tip # 3 - start your weeks on a Monday, not a Sunday. This way you have the WHOLE weekend to look forward to!
  • Tip # 4 - keep the last 2 pages of your journal as a pen test page. This way you can try colors together and see if they will bleed through your page.
  • Tip # 5 - don't be scared to switch up your layouts and what spreads you put in. What works for you one month may not work for you the next. Be flexible (this was hard for me at first)!

If you like @scribblesofsubstance’s planner or want to check her out, head on over to her Instagram Here!

If you are interested in becoming a featured bullet journaler, check out the details and apply here!

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