Curiosity as One of the Methods to Achieve Your Goals

Curiosity as One of the Methods to Achieve Your Goals

If you’re feeling low right now, tired, and stuck in your ways, let me take you on a little journey to the past. You might remember that everything seemed more exciting or colorful, you would say. And, back then, you were more interested to learn about the world around you. Where did that person go? As we grow up, we lose many character traits and abilities that make us feel authentic. The kids that are eager to follow their dreams get replaced by boring adults who follow the path forced on them by their parents, relatives, friends, and society in general. It’s no wonder why so many of us lose ourselves along the way. And the only way to resurrect that person is to go back to your roots and revive that one thing that fueled us when we were kids – curiosity.

Why Curiosity is the Path to Success?

When a child is born, the learning process starts immediately. A child is curious about the world around; it repeats the movements and mirrors the emotions of those around them. And, of course, tastes everything that finds on its way. Curiosity drives all these actions. Of course, as a grown-up, you don’t have to give a taste test to everything new on your path. However, you can still benefit from curiosity in many other ways, especially career-wise. A study published in the HHS Public Access journal gave an overview of curiosity research throughout the years. The results of this research, which was done both on animals and humans, revealed that curiosity can:
  • motivate acquisition of knowledge and learning
  • facilitate personal growth
  • improve productivity and performance
In this study, researchers have also found that curiosity activates learning mechanisms in the brain. This is similar to the “What is it?” stimuli in dogs that the scientist Ivan Pavlov discovered in his famous experiment. Of course, the human brain is far more advanced than the dog brain. If a dog loses its curiosity, it can’t regain it back, while we still can. And we have to, considering that curiosity can help us turn our life around and help us achieve the success we’ve always wanted. freebie-form-image-how-be-productive

So, How do You Regain Curiosity?

Curiosity can help you start feeling alive again and will get those creating juices flowing. However, it will take you some time and effort before you can finally feel the power of a curious mind. But don’t get discouraged! Here are a few exercises to help you wake up your curiosity, which you need to practice daily. Soon curiosity will become natural. Your curiosity will first become your new habit before you call it your most prominent character trait.

1. Explore New Cultures

A curious mind is always an open mind. Fortunately, people are not born with it; open-mindedness can only be acquired. And, without open-mindedness, you cannot be curious. One of the ways to train your open-mindedness and curiosity muscles is to explore new cultures. Think for a second, which culture has always fascinated you and why? Which country have you ever wanted to visit but never had time or money for it? The time is now. If you’ve always wanted to visit Italy, start learning Italian because the language is always the pathway to the culture. When your Italian gets better, start reading literature in this language and explore the depths of the culture through history and art. And who knows, maybe it will give you a push to finally traveling to the country of your dreams? Curiosity opens all doors, as your mind gets more open as well.

2. Become a Mentor

If you have such an opportunity, start mentoring someone. It can be tutoring lessons, developing an online course, or any other opportunity that allows you to share your knowledge with others. How can it help develop curiosity? As you are mentoring someone, you will also have to continue learning to explore the subject deeper and enhance your knowledge. As a result, you will also get better at something you already know, which can positively impact your career and professional life.

3. Analyze a Problem from Different Perspectives

This exercise you can also do daily, and it has the power to change the way you think. Instead of viewing a problem just from one (often subjective) perspective, you need to stop yourself and think about other possible sides to this problem. Of course, it’s hard to catch yourself every time you try to analyze a problem during the day. You can make it a daily exercise by watching videos where people discuss one issue from different perspectives. Jubilee, over on YouTube often gets people involved in similar discussions. You can watch these videos daily, analyze the participants’ responses, and consider giving several opinions on the topic, trying to substantiate why each of them has the right to exist.

Train that Curiosity Muscle!

It’s hard to regain curiosity, considering how much pressure from the society we get under every day. However, without curiosity, you won’t be able to find your true self and achieve your goals. Hopefully, our article will inspire you to explore your curious side a bit more. And, if you feel like you’ve totally lost it, a few exercises that we shared with you today will help you train that curiosity muscle and make it your strongest suit.

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