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Christmas Gift Ideas Every Bullet Journal Enthusiast Needs

It can be very overwhelming to shop for Christmas gifts in general. It can be even more overwhelming when you aren't into bullet journaling, but your loved one is. That is why I have put together this brief but super awesome list of Christmas gift ideas every bullet journaler would LOVE to receive.

Inkless Pocket Printer

These pocket printers are some of my favorite recommendations for bullet journals. Not only are these printers the perfect sizes to carry with you, but they are also of fantastic quality. I did a full review of these products; you can read more there. But if you are looking for a quick idea, trust me, these are worth it.

Wondering how your loved one might use this Christmas gift in their bullet journal? The best way to use it is to print off photos or pictures to create your own stickers! Additionally, you can print off typed notes. This might be perfect for someone who doesn't like handwritten notes but loves the idea of a physical planner.

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Pocket Printer Paper

Of course, if you get your loved one a pocket printer, you will need to get them paper as well! Pictured above are just a few of my personal favorites but you can browse their entire collection to find paper that suites your loved one.

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Printable/Digital Planner

ElizabethJournals is best known for our mood trackers, but we also offer complete digital and printable planners. These are the perfect gift for a digital bullet journaled or someone who does not have the time to create their own planner! Browse our entire collection, pick and choose, or see our custom options!

Shop Now Do you love the idea of printable planning pages, but can't find anything that suits your needs? Get the completely Custom Printable/Digital Planner Kit tailored to your needs. You can choose from the provided templates or request something completely new and made just for you! Then you can customize the font, color, paper size, and more!

Custom Printable Planner

I mentioend our printable and digital planners before, but did you know we can also create completely custom versions!? YES! ElizabethJournals has always prioritized our custom printable planner kits. Interested in creating one for yourself or your loved one? Let us know!

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Poooli Print Van Gogh Washi Tape

This set of washi tape is by far one of my favorite sets. They are so unique and cool! If you or your loved one are an art fan, this set is perfect!

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Tombow Holiday Bundle

This is such a fun bundle. I almost always recommend Tombow products for bullet journal newbies and experts alike. These products are of great quality for the price point. So, of course, it is super awesome that they created a holiday bundle with all of their best products included! I HIGHLY recommend this bundle for your loved one.

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Leuchtturm1917 A5 Dotted Notebook

This notebook is always my go-to journal for bullet journaling. You can never have too many of these babies. They come in so many colors and have amazing page quality! Not sure if this specific notebook is for your loved one? Check out my review of bullet journal notebooks to see if any of those suit them! Or you can simply read more about the Leuchtturm1917 with my in-depth product review.

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Bullet Journal Kit & Productivity Guide

Here is another incredible bundle you can find on amazon. This one focuses on bonus materials for your loved one's planner, such as stickers and drawing guides. It also comes with an awesome ebook on productivity in planning.

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Bullet Journaling Course for Beginner's

"This is an excellent course that is perfect for any bullet journal newbie or anyone overwhelmed by bullet journaling.

The Bullet Journaling for Overwhelmed Beginner's Course is a step-by-step guide to bullet journaling. Bullet journaling can be incredibly overwhelming when you first get started. Sometimes people do not begin because they get so overwhelmed. Don't let the overwhelm of bullet journaling get to you! This course is designed to simplify and break down every step to getting started with bullet journaling; no more feeling overwhelmed!"

So, it is a perfect Christmas gift idea for your bullet journaling loved one!

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Christmas gift shopping is overwhelming; make it easier with our guide to super awesome Christmas gift ideas every bullet journaler needs.

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