Christine's Blue and Yellow Bullet Journal

Christine's Blue and Yellow Bullet Journal

Here is a breakdown of Christine's blue and yellow custom bullet journal inspired planner. Christine's notebook is a black A5 size notebook. Further, the main colors are blue and yellow. Layouts include a title page, goals, birthday log, prayer list, books to read, savings tracker, period tracker, workout plan, pound-o-poly, monthly calendar, spending log, water tracking, and a weekly layout.

Layouts Included

Title Page:

This is a yellow watercolor title page. On this page, in a calligraphy font, I wrote "Christine."

Goals Page:

This layout has a yellow calligraphy font title with a yellow quote at the bottom in a classic style font. The quote reads, "Let's do this." Then, in the center is 8 boxes to write in goals Additionally, each box is numbered.

Birthday Cupcakes Tracker:

This layout features 12 different cupcakes with yellow and blue detailing. Each cupcake represents a month. The header is in a print font.


This spread is a mostly blank page to write in prayers. The title isin a blue calligraphy font.

Books to Read:

This page is a bookshelf covering one page. The header is in calligraphy-style cursive and is placed above a bench and window in the center of the shelves. Within the books are also other decorative items on the shelves.

Savings Tracker:

The header of this two-page layout is in a light blue print font and features 12 thermometers to color in. Each thermometer has marks for specific amounts to be written in. At the bottom of the spread is a notes section.

Period Tracker:

This period tracker was created like a year in pixels. Vertically down the right side is the header in a bold yellow print. There is a grid square for each day of all 12 months.

Workout Plan:

This plan includes 7 rows, one for each day of the week. These row headers are in light a blue print font and are blank. The header is a blue calligraphy cursive font.


This layout is a weight loss tracker made to be similar to Monopoly or other board games. Further, the header is in a red square using print lettering. The square spaces represent weight loss and the circles represent a reward.

Monthly Calendar:

The left page of this layout is a calendar grid. The days of the week are in blue or yellow print letters. The right side features a calligraphy cursive font header and two sections below. These sections are titled in a minimal cursive reading “to-do” and “goals.”

Spending Log:

Each month this layout matches the month in color. The left side features a table with columns titled date, place, item, amount, and method. To the right are circles connected on a line, there is a circle for every day of that month. Christine will color in the circles according to the provided key.

Water Consumption Log:

The header of this layout is in a calligraphy cursive font. Then, the remainder of the page has water droplets in columns. Further, each column represents a day of the month and each droplet represents a glass or certain amount of water consumed. Christine will fill the droplets in as she drinks water.

Weekly Column:

This page features 7 columns for 7 days of the week. There is assorted washi tape in black and white bordering the rightmost column. Then, the main titling is in black calligraphy cursive. Next, the weekday titling is in blue or yellow and is just the first letter with a subscript for the date.

Tools Used

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