Calista's Scrapbook and Memory Bullet Journal

Calista's Scrapbook and Memory Bullet Journal

Here is a breakdown of the bullet journal-inspired planner created for Calista. Calista's notebook was created in a black A5 size notebook. Layouts include seven different memory and scrapbooking style layouts; space theme, arrows, bee happy, blue watercolor, pink watercolor, adventures, and Christmas theme.

Layouts Included

Each of these layouts is primarily a blank memory page that I decorated with doodles and drawings.

Space Theme: This scrapbook-style page is done in watercolor and is primarily blank (as are most of these layouts). Hanging from the top border are various planets and stars.

Arrows: On all four borders of this layout are black arrows with various designs. There are two arrows per border.

Bee Happy: This design covers one of the two pages and features a details bee then the words "bee happy" in black calligraphy cursive.

Blue Watercolor: This page features various shades of blue in watercolor on all four sides of the layout.

Pink Watercolor: Like the blue watercolor page, the pink watercolor page features various shades of pink and purple on the edges of the page.

Adventures: This layout has a black and white grid on both pages with the header "Adventures" written on both pages in black calligraphy cursive.

Christmas Theme: The top and left edges of this page shows a string of red, green, and pink Christmas lights. Then hanging on the far left are three red and pink Christmas bulbs.

Tools Used For Calista's Scrapbook & Memory Bullet Journal

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