What Type of Bullet Journaler Are You

What Type of Bullet Journaler Are You | Style Quiz

What kind of bullet journaler are you? Are you a creative journaler, minimal journaler, productivity journaler or an organizational journaler?? I am 54% minimal journaler, 23% productivity journaler, and 23% organized journaler!

My results are definitely correct. Sift through my plan-with-me and you can easily see that I am minimal, productive, and organized! Find out what type of bullet journaler you are!


Breaking Down Your Quiz Results

You've taken the quiz, but what do your results mean? Well, there are four types of bullet journaler:

  • Minimal Journaler
  • Creative Journaler
  • Productivity Journaler
  • Organized Journaler

It is incredibly unlikely that you will just get one result. No person is only one of these categories. SO, you will receive your percentages. Receiving percentage results mean that whatever result is highest for you is the highest style influence in your journal. For example, I am 54% minimal journaler, 23% productivity journaler, 23% organized journaler, and 0% creative journaler. So, my results mean that I get my inspiration and create my bullet journal with a minimal, productivity, and organized style. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that I am not creative; just that creative layouts don't inspire my style. Here I will breakdown the styles.

creative journaler banner

Creative Journaler

You are creative and love to doodle and draw! You would greatly benefit from adding some art in your journal. Additionally, you enjoy using all kinds of fun tools like washi tape, stickers, stamps, article clippings, paint and more!

minimal journaler banner

Minimal Journaler

You love to keep in simple. You are more likely to stay away from color and use simple tools and basic techniques. Additionally, you are likely to use the bullet journal as it was initially meant to be used.

Productivity Journaler

Your goal with journaling is practical. Further, you are likely to use layouts like level 10 life and habit trackers to be productive. Your key is detailed and very organized and you follow your journal meticulously.

organized journaler banner

Organized Journaler

Your journal is very organized. You have everything in its place where it belongs, and you've created everything the way you like. You may change up your layouts sometimes, but you are likely to keep it simple and free from chaos.


Our Bullet Journaler Quiz Results!

Take the quiz and let me know what your results are! Then, I will add your results to the charts!

Creative 34% Minimal 24.2% Productivity 15.7% Organized 26%

What are your results? Let me know in the comments!

Further, if you loved taking this quiz and would like to learn more about bullet journaling, you can take my bullet journal beginners course!

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