Bullet Journal Header Layout Inspirations

Bullet Journal Header Layout Inspirations

I am always looking for new ways to design my bullet journal title pages. It gets boring doing the same thing every single week or month. My favorite activity is scrolling my Instagram feed to find so many awesome bullet journal title designs and this week I’ve decided to share some of my finds with you! Here are some different title styles and examples of each!

Layered Bullet Journal Title Look

When it’s well executed, the layered look is a really cool way to title a page or section!

Source: @devipaperandco

This header is cool because under the blank inked cursive is periwinkle highlighting

Source: @thedoodleplanner

Like the layout above, this one feature black inked cursive with colored highlighting.

Source: @bujo.studying

I love the mixing of fonts like in this layout. This one is super cool with the gray print with minimal cursive.

Source: @perspectiveportions

Here is another example of font mixing AND layering!

Source: @chris.ellee

Multiple Fonts

I love combinations of different calligraphies and handwriting, they will look so great in your bullet journal!

Source: @bu.joos

Like the previous section, these layouts feature more than one font. This layout's header works like a header and subheader.

Source: @beccasbujo

How fun is the cursive and print font? Additionally, there is a doodle in the header!

Source: @booksarejules

Delicate, Simple, and Minimalistic Titles

Delicate, Simple, or Minimalistic bullet journal titles are the easiest to do and take up the least space! I use this style more often than not!

Source: @dioannakamil

This layouts is so little. It takes up very little space on the page, thus, qualifying it for this category!

Source: @thedoodleplanner

You could argue that this layout features a more bold header. However, It also features minimal lettering. This is why I added it to the more delicate and minimal section.

Source: @jihielephant

Here is another layout of my own. The simple lettering with the thin line detailing is a nice touch.

Source: @journalrella

The chosen fonts for this header make it feel minimal and delicate.

Source: @studyabl

If you look close enough to this header you'll notice the faux brush lettering details. Additionally, it is super little!

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Source: @jihielephant

This is a layout of my own, super simple print with thin lines to create the delicate feel.

BOLD Bullet Journal Titles

Bold bullet journal titles are so nice, and can also be super minimalistic. Plus, they are easy to read!

Source: @cwistina_s

This stamped header for December uses thick bold lines. The simplicity really adds to it, great minimal bold layout.

Brittany's Bullet Journal | Client Gallery
Source: @jihielephant

This is my own layout. The bold lettering was done using a Royal Talens Ecoline Liquid Watercolor Brush Pen.

Source: @booksarejules

This header covers the whole length of the page qualifying it for bold despite the seemingly minimal lettering.

Source: @capricorn.journals

Bold classic lettering is so refreshing to look at! Love this!

Source: @bujobreak

This header is bold, but bold pink instead of black ink. The thick lines make it really pop!

Creative and Artistic Title Inspiration

If you aren’t artistic than this style probably isn’t for you, but it is so beautiful!! Try doodling or letting your creative side free next time you're designing your bullet journal!

Source: @archerandolive

I love the colors and details in this one!

Source: @bumblebujo

The colors and doodles in this one are so pretty!!

Source: @skip2mydoodle

For this layout the header is meant to look like the lettering is on a wood sign, super beautiful

Source: @jihielephant

Watercolor crystals are a gorgeous addition to any page, including a header!

An artistic layout can still be artistic, just add some doodles!

Circular Bullet Journal Titles

I love using shapes such as circles to make my bullet journal titles look more artsy and creative than I am actually capable of! It's simple and the possibilities never end! Check out these amazing posts!

Source: @bujo.studying

I love the incorporations of flowers and branches in this bold red cover page!

December Bullet Journal | Red & Gold
Source: @jihielephant

Using paint and a circle can jazz up any header or cover page.

Source: @bujobeauties

Check out all these fun doodles that create a wreath effect!

Full Page Headers (aka Title & Hello Pages)

This style takes up the whole page and is generally fairly creative!

Source: @the_lemonade_store

Check out all the fun colors and detailing in this layout. It covers not only 1 full page, but 2 full pages!

Source: @contracrastination

How amazing are the drawings in this hello September page!? Mind blowingly beautiful.

Source: @bu.joos

I love the water coloring in this layout!

Alana's Bullet Journal | Client Gallery
Source: @jihielephant

This layout is fairly simple but covers the whole page!

Which of these bullet journaling title styles is your favorite? Did I miss a style that you love to use? share it with me!

>>If you'd like to learn more about starting your own bullet journal, check out the bullet journaling beginner's 10-day challenge!

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