Ultimate Bullet Journal Layouts Glossary

Ultimate Bullet Journal Layouts Glossary

There is almost an unlimited amount of page types, layouts, or spreads for a bullet journal and it is nearly impossible to keep track of them all. This article is meant to lay out all of the different page types, gift a brief description, and show a few examples. As it is difficult to keep track of the various page types, feel free to leave a comment if I forgot something, so that I may add it!

Art Page

There is no limit to what an art page can be since it is meant to be artistic and have little to no planning or functional purpose other than as a creative outlet.

Bill Tracking

Bill tracking layouts are meant to track regular bills, subscriptions, and payments.

Books to Read

This page is generally in the form of a bookshelf, though it can be anything, and helps to either keep track of the books that you have read or the books one wants to read.


Braindumps are pages where ideas and random notes can be dumped for organization later. Check out some amazing examples of braindump layouts to inspire you!

Bucket List

Bucket lists are one of two styles. The first is a list form and the second is a doodle form. Further, it is most common to see them done by season, but there is no limit.

Course Notes

These spreads are used by students to take notes on a subject or during class.


Daily pages are for daily to-do’s, appointments, etc. To be a daily layout, it must be one or two days per spread.

Doodle Page

Doodle pages come in several forms. Sometimes they are doodle how-to’s, random doodles, themed doodles, or 30-days of doodles.


An exercise pages can be an exercise schedule, an exercise tracker, exercise logging, etc.

Future Log

Future logs plan for the future by looking ahead at a full year or for several months. Sometimes these logs focus on items such as assignments or birthdays.


Goal spreads often list various goals for a given time. Further, these layouts sometimes go even deeper into how to achieve a goal.


Gratitude pages log or list items the creator is grateful for in their life. Additionally, these layouts are sometimes considered self-care pages.

Habit Tracking

Habit tracking pages are meant to track habits. Most often these spreads are for tracking multiple habits at once, one month at a time.

Health & Wellness

Health and wellness layouts can sometimes overlap with exercise spreads. They might list, log, or track items such as physical symptoms, medication, etc.

Hello Monthly

These pages are meant to welcome the new month. Additionally, they occasionally say goodbye to the previous month. However, there is almost no limit to these spreads

Holiday & Gifting

These layouts incompass any page that helps plan for or track gift giving or that plans for a holiday. Generally, people only use these spreads around Christmas time.


An index is an overview of your notebook. Additionally, these layouts usually indicated the page number or numbers associated with each spread.


Key spreads lay out colors, symbols, etc. which help to organize the information in the planner.

Level 10 Life

Next, Level 10 Life is a concept developed by Hal Elrod in the book The Miracle Morning. Hal Elrod categorizes life’s priorities into ten sections and encourages people to maximize their efforts in all categories. Read more on Level 10 Life here.


Lists are not confined to anything specific other than they list something. This glossary mentions some particular lists. However, anything can be listed or recorded.

Meal Planning

These layouts are often weekly or bi-weekly. However, you can occasionally find them monthly. Sometimes a grocery list is incorporated. But generally, they are mean to plan out meals; usually by breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack.


Memory layouts are a place to write memories, add photos, etc. These pages are similar to scrapbooking and journaling.


A monthly page can be in the form of a calendar, log, etc. Further, these pages are often meant to overview the month ahead.

Mood Tracking

These layouts are like habit trackers but are meant to track moods. Each mood tracker has a key specific to the user. While they do not have to, it is common for mood trackers to be a year in pixels or to be an image. Each section of the images represent the days of the month.

Movies to Watch

Movie spreads are similar to the books to read layouts because they track movies to watch, or movies you have already watched.

Pen Tests

Pen tests are like swatches for pens by type, color, swatch, etc. These can be for color or handwritings sake.

Quote Page

Quote pages are whatever the creator wishes them to be. The only stipulations is that there is a quote or phrase.


Savings layouts are financial spreads meant to track savings goals and completion. Often, these layouts include a kind of progress bar.

School Schedule

A school schedule is a layout used by students to overview their semester. Further, this layout includes either general course information or an overview of the semester’s assignments.


Self-care layouts are any layout that relates to self-care. These self-care layouts can be a self-care plan, self-care tracker, self-care list, etc.

Spending Log

A spending log is another financial spread that keeps track of spending. This layout is usually a monthly layout. However, it can span over any period.

Title Page

A title page is similar to a hello page, except instead of welcoming a month, they welcome a new planner or planning topic.

Travel & Vacation

These layouts are those used to plan out a trip or vacation, keep memories from these travels, or to track the places the creator has been.

TV Shows to Watch

These spreads are like that for movies, except they list or track shows instead of movies.

Washi Tape Swatch

Washi tape swatches are similar to pen tests, except they are meant to show off washi tape instead of pens or ink.


These are similar to the daily spreads except they include a full week in one layout.

Did I miss something? Feel free to leave a comment if I forgot a spread so that I may add it!

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