Best Way To Bullet Journal For Mental Well-being

Are you getting into bullet journaling and are trying to figure out how to incorporate mental well-being or self-care into your journal? It is so so easy to add mental health into your bullet journal. Here is a brief breakdown of the bullet journal planning method, several ways to incorporate mental well-being and self-care into your bullet journal, as well as some layout inspiration!

What Is A Bullet Journal

At its core, a bullet journal is a personalized planner. These planners are generally done using the bullet method made popular by RyderCarroll, read more about the bullet method here. Besides this unique method, what makes bullet journaling unique is its limitlessness. The bullet journal can be used in nearly any way you want. Some people use it for planning, for art, for travel, for journaling, or any combination of anything they can think of. While there are still pure bullet journalers out there, bullet journaling has morphed into so much more. One really popular use for the bullet journal is for mental wellbeing and self-care.

How to Use Your Bullet Journal for Mental Well-Being & Self-Care

There are countless ways to utilize your bullet journal for mental well-being and self-care. One of the most popular ways is with the mood tracker. A lot of people keep track of their moods on a day today basis. They might color code a grid known as a year in pixels, or they may create monthly pictures from their mood. However, you decide to track your moods, its one of the easier ways to view your mental well-being all in one place.

Another popular layout for mental self-care is a self-care list of schedule. These layouts have no limits and are often set up like a list or routine schedule which focuses on self-care, how to practice self-care, when self-care was practiced, or any combination of these options.

For people with mental illness or more severe mental concerns, there is an array of ways to use your bullet journal to help. Some trackers that I have made for clients with these concerns include medication trackers, symptom trackers, trigger trackers, sleep trackers, exercise or other habit trackers,self-care lists, hygiene schedule, self-care schedule, rewards schedules, water trackers, etc.

One final layout idea for mental well-being is a gratitude layout. This can be in the form of a tracker or can be a reminder list, or really anything you want it to be. I personally like creating word art out of my gratitude. You cannot go wrong is a mindful and positive approach like gratitude

Bullet Journaling is a great way to keep an eye on and improve your mental well-being and self-care practices. There are unlimited ways to use your bullet journal in this way. If you want more inspiration, check out my gallery here!

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