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10+ Ways to Manage Your Mental Health With Bullet Journaling

Are you looking for a way to track your mental health? Here are some layouts to help you manage your mental health with bullet journaling.

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As you know, I am a huge proponent of self-care and mental health topics. I think that being aware and knowing how to take care of our mental health is hugely linked to other forms of well-being; however, some do not take us as seriously as different health types.

This post is an inspirational list of layouts to help you manage your mental health with bullet journaling. These include mental health layouts such as trackers, self-care lists, gratitude pages, and other mental wellness related layouts.

Mental Health Tracking

The first type of layout we will be talking about in this article are overall mental health trackers. These spreads are more general and sure to help you manage your mental health with bullet journaling.

Mood, Sleep, Steps, & Exercise Tracker

My favorite part of this layout by @wild.woman.rising is that it is not only mental health tracking but also incorporates various forms of tracking like habits, sleep, etc.

Purple Mood Pixels

This is a layout of my own, which I created for a client. It’s a generic mood pixels layout but horizontal to fit into an A6 sized notebook!

Year in Pixels Mental Health Tracker

This is another year in pixels created by Little Coffee Fox, which I adore! I love the use of watercolor and how she only outlined the grid; it looks very nice!

Mental Health Trigger Tracker

This layout is a trigger tracker by @juliettestudios inspired by @lindsaybraman. I love this layout because it is not like most other mental health layouts. This layout is far more specific than most but SO useful.

Minimal Year in Pixels

Bullet Journal Layouts to Help Manage Your Mental Health

This layout is another year in pixels by me. This particular one tracks 5 different moods.

Mood, Spending, & Habit Trackers

This layout is another perfect example, by @akiyamahanayu, of a layout that incorporates mental health items and spending and other habits.

Sleep Log

While a sleep log is not necessarily a mental health tracker per se; however, I am a firm believer that sleep affects mood and well-being so closely. For that reason, I have included sleep tracking in this post.

Simple Mood Tracker Graph

Mood trackers are incredibly popular in bullet journaling. I like this one by @bu.joos because it is not a pixel grid but instead a line graph. I love this!

Mountain Mood Tracker

I love the very creative ways we can track moods. In this article are several examples. This one by @megobujos is a geometric mountain range.

Hanging Lightbulb Mood Tracker

This is one of my favorite layouts that I have done for a client. This one is in an A6 size notebook and looks so fun!

Healthy Tracking: Medication, Sleep, & Water Tracker

Bullet Journal Layouts to Help Manage Your Mental Health

Like the above sleep log, this log is not necessarily about mental health, but it includes tracking medication, sleep, and water. Also, this one was created in an A6 sized notebook.

Circular, Tropical Foliage Mood Tracker

This final mood tracker by @rachelbujo is beautiful. I love the wheel design, green color scheme, and natural vibe. A circle or wheel design is a fun way to track moods!

Self-Care Layouts

The following layouts focus on self-care planning, tracking and ideas. What self-care layouts help you manage your mental health?

Self-Care Ideas

Bullet Journal Layouts to Help Manage Your Mental Health

I am a huge proponent of self-care. Sometimes you don’t need a super intricate layout to incorporate self-care into your bullet journal. A simple list can be perfect.

Self-Care Menu

This is a layout that takes a simple list of self-care ideas and ads cute doodles! I love this one by MissLouie.

Self-Care To-Do Ideas

Similar to the layout previously, this one by @mashaplans is a creative way to list self-care ideas!

Self-Care Alphabet List

I love this idea by Little Coffee Fox because of the creative alphabet twist! I think this layout can be so beneficial for someone struggling to come up with self-care ideas.

Self-Care Menu

This self-care bullet journal layout is different than the ones previously mentioned. However, I love it! It’s such a simple idea and looks so clean. This page is a great layout by @hollylovesplanning.

Ideas for Self-Care

I know I have already shown a ton of self-care list layouts. BUT this one by the Bullet Journal Addict is so pretty, so I wanted to share it too.

Gratitude Layouts

Gratitude tracking is another widely popular bullet journal layout. In additional to it's popularity, gratitude can be very helpful in the case of managing mental health.

Gratitude List: I am thankful for...

Bullet Journal Layouts to Help Manage Your Mental Health

I love gratitude layouts. I think the practice of gratitude is so important. Simply remembering good things can change your mindset for the better. This layout is a simple list page where you can add anything you want to the page that reminds you of things you are thankful for.

Pocket Full of Sunshine Gratitude Tracker

This gratitude tracker by @heartistic.jess is a fun twist on sunshine. Each day of the month, you write something you are grateful for in one of the sun rays.

Other Mental Health Wellness Pages

Now, lets talk about all other mental health bullet journal layouts that just don't fit in the other categories.

Worry Tree Tracker

This worry tree by @sparklymalarkey is unlike any layout I have seen previously. I love it for someone who might struggle with anxiety or someone who worries too much (aka me). I want to learn more about the process of creating it!

Be More Mindful Tracker

Mindfulness is such a beautiful and useful idea and practice. Having a layout that helps you to be more mindful is an excellent idea! This page was made by @the.petite.planner and is so creative yet straightforward!

Motivational Quotes

It is pretty standard for people to incorporate quotes and motivational words into their bullet journal. I LOVE this concept. Further, I have created pages to list positive and inspirational quotes. This page by Productive and Pretty is just like that, beautiful!

What Makes Me Happy List

Like a gratitude list or a list of quotes, a list of items that make you happy is a fantastic idea for someone struggling with depression or any level of sadness. This one by @PassionPlanner is so beautiful.

Self-Care Needs List


Here is a list of needs by Little Coffee Fox. I love this idea because it is so easy to forget to take care of our own needs!

Meditation Tracker

Bullet Journal Layouts to Help Manage Your Mental Health

There are so many benefits of mindfulness and meditation tracking or listing out your meditation topics or experiences is excellent for your mental health. I love this idea by @bujo.casio.

These mental health pages are not for everyone, but for some people, it is a game-changer. What layouts do you use to manage your mental health with bullet journaling? Want to check out more bullet journal layouts, check out my Instagram! Let me know what you are thinking in the comments below!

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