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Bullet Journal Hacks That Will Change Your Life

A bullet journal is a way of journaling that ditches the lined or blank pages. Instead, a bujo utilizes sections for daily tasks, calendars, notes, tracking mental and physiological health, and for other purposes. If you are new to this, things may seem a bit confusing. Here are a few bullet journal hacks that will make things simpler and change your life:

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Create Washi Tape Page Markers

Your bullet journal may contain anything from life goals to a nail polish library. Keeping track of things may be a bit tough. To make things easier, you can use washi tape as a page marker. Pick out the pages that you want to stand out from the rest of the journal and add washi tape to the corners. The corner gets thickened and marked with a distinct pattern. The next time you don't have to browse through the whole journal to find what you need.

To keep things easier to find, you can add different washi tapes for different sections and add them differently to the pages. For instance, washi tape can go to the corners of the nail polish library pages and the makeup library pages' outer edges.

While this is one of the most popular washi tape bujo hacks, there are tons of ways to upgrade your planner with washi tape, read more about how you can hack your planner with washi tape!

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Get A Habit Tracking Page Marker

One of my favorite bullet journal hacks is actually a paper saver! A second fantastic way to mark your page is with a bookmark that doubles as a habit tracker! Sure, you can make one of these yourself, but if you are anything like me, you are far too busy. Muryō offers an excellent pre-made version, including mood tracking, overall notes, general habits, sleep, water intake, and anything else! The best part about this type of page marker is that it can be re-used and saves on paper and layout creation time. Check out the pictures below to see how it works!

You can get a pack of 3 Muryō trackers OR subscribe to save money and get regular shipments!

Do you prefer a more classic way to track your habits? We have an awesome collection of habit tracking ideas as well as a list of habits you can track in your bullet journal! Not really sure how to effectively build your habits? We can teach you how with our guide to effective habit tracking!

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Utilize Threading

Threading is an excellent buJo hack that can appear intimidating for veterans and newbies. However, if you have or want to keep long collections, this hack is a lifesaver. This bullet journal hack lets you add more pages to your collections, even if it's out of order. For instance, if you make a collection of "Movies to Watch" on page 40. The list can be very long and may not fit on a single page.

Start with the list and add new collections on pages 42, 43, and 44. Keep going back to page 40 when you need to add movies. When you are at the bottom of the page, you can go to the next blank page and continue your list from there with the title "Movies to Watch Part 2". List the page number for the second set of the collection at the end. For instance, if the next part of the movie list starts from page 55, you can add "40:55" at the end of the collection's first page.

bullet journal may monthly log with flip-out key to left
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Create A Flip-Out Key

Another incredibly useful bullet journal hack is the flip-out key. A Flip-Out Key can help you remember symbols you use in your bullet journal. It can be hinged to the journal with empty card stock and a bit of washi tape and can be flipped out when you need a reminder.


Portable Printers

If you aren't new here, you know that I LOVE my portable Poooli printers. I have both sizes, but they are both GREAT options. These printers are a great way to "hack" your bullet journal and create your own stickers and artwork digitally and then slapping them onto your planner for a great createive look without the time and effort often required.

With these printers, you can get a tone of different and unique paper colors and styles including regular, semi-transparent, blue ink, red ink, metallic, and colors!

Not sure how you feel about Poooli Print or their products? Check out my very honest review of Poooli Print products.

Get 15% off when you use code EJOURNALS15.

Get A Display Stand

A display stand allows you to hang your bullet journal vertically in full display. It keeps things at the forefront of your vision for a constant reminder. It also becomes easier to add new ideas as they come to your mind.

bullet journal for september with dutch doors for each week's daily to-dos
image credit: @neohundred

The Dutch Door

And, a final bullet journal hack is the dutch door. To create an awesome dutch door spread, all you need is to allocate some of your pages and cut them differently to show off parts of the pages behind them. There are so many great applications for a dutch door spread. Check out some of the examples below!

image sources: Stationery Magpie, @amandarachlee, @squarelimedesigns, @sea_journal

Which of these bullet journal hacks is your favorite or a go-to for you? Let us know in the comments if you have any other hacks you'd love to share!

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