Being a parent is a full-time job and can be a very crazy job too. Here are 20 bullet journaling spreads perfect for a busy mom or busy dad!

20 Bullet Journal Layouts for Busy Moms

Being a parent is a full-time job and can be a very crazy job too. Bullet journaling can be essential to a busy mom or dad. I have pulled together 20 bullet journaling spreads perfect for a busy mom or busy dad, check them out below!

Home Cleaning Layouts

When you have kids and run a household, it can be easy to forget regular household maintenance. Here are some layouts to help you keep track of and maintain your home!

Home Maintenance Checklist

yellow green pink blue home maintenance checklist bethany

Keeping track of home maintenance is difficult for anyone, let alone a busy parent. This home maintenance tracker is a perfect way to keep an eye on your home without stressing about it.

Home Cleaning Schedule

Image source: Little Coffee Fox

Home maintenance is generally done less frequently than cleaning and general chores. Check out this adorable cleaning and chore schedule by Little Coffee Fox! This is sure to help tidy up a busy mom's schedule.

Zone Cleaning & Schedule

pink cleaning schedule zone cleaning Emily

General cleaning guides can be useful, but for those who clean based on room, or may forget certain rooms or items, here is another helpful layout for zone cleaning.

Clean That House

Image source; MyBlueSkyDesign

I like this chore tracker because it organizes not only by frequency but also provides more details and a means to track completed tasks!

Household Chores

Image source: ABulletandSomeLines

However, if you are looking for a more simplified option, here is a simple monthly household chore tracker perfect for every busy parent.

Layouts for Your Kids

Keeping track of your kids, their milestones, and their schedules as they grow older can pose a challenge. here are some great ways to keep track of your kids in your bullet journal

Height, Weight, & Baby Teeth Tracker

When your kids are little, it can be easy to forget their milestones. A good way to remember is to track them in your bullet journal. Here are two milestone trackers, one for height and weight, and another for baby teeth!

Pregnancy Tracker & Chart

Image source: Page Flutter

Being a busy parent begins with pregnancy. Taking care of your body and mine while pregnant can often be very difficult. This layout is a great way to keep track of your pregnancy!

Scheduling with Children

Image source: Evie&Sarah

One of the most difficult aspects of parenting can be scheduling, especially for multiple older kids. This layout design is a great way t keep track of your kids' busy schedules without losing your mind!

Milestone Chart

Here is yet another amazing way to keep track of your kids' milestones. Sometimes, a simple chart will do the trick!

Pregnancy Habit Tracker

Image source: TovCalligraphy

Each person's pregnancy is different and includes different things. Here is another cool way to keep track of your pregnancy habits, health, and milestones!

Self-Care for Moms

As I've said before, being a parent is hard and often time-consuming. Here are some layouts essential to everyone's, but especially the busy mom's, self-care routine!

Morning & Evening Routines

Self-care is important for busy moms too! Check out this morning and evening routine breakdown! Maybe you too could benefit from a regular self-care routine.


Image source: Lafondari

It is super important to keep a healthy mind when parenting. One way a bullet journal can help with that is to do a compliment log. Keeping track of nice things you say, hear, or are told can be a great reference when you are feeling down.

I Can

Image source: Archer and Olive

Another way to use your planner to boost your parenting self-confidence with "I" statements. This layout does a great job of breaking down some amazing "I" statements such as I am, I can, I've done, and I will.


Image source: LittleOliveBujo

Another easy and common self-care spread is a gratitude list. I love using gratitude lists because they keep you focused on the positive things in your day.

Happy List

Image source: BreeeBerry

Similar to a gratitude list or self-care spread is a happy list. This is a list of things you enjoy or things that make you happy. When you are feeling overwhelmed or down, this list can be a great reference for every parent and everyone else too!

Meal Planning Bujo Layouts

Keeping track of a family often means keeping track of each family member's eating and meals! This can get overwhelming and hectic. Here are some great meal planning bullet journaling layouts to help out!

Meal Planning

Blythe's Purple and Blue Bullet Journal

This spread is a simple meal plan. It breaks down each weekday into breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack. Then, the spread has space to list your groceries for that week!

Meal Planning for Kids

Image source: Productive and Pretty

Planning meals for kids can be a little bit more challenging once they enter school. This layout is a great way to take your kids into account when planning meals.

Family Favorite Meal Ideas

Image source: Sublime Reflections

It is easy to get stuck in a meal rut when planning out dinner for your family. One great tip is to test out new recipes and keep a list of the family favorites for reference later!

Master Grocery List

Kathleen's Yellow & Blue Bullet Journal | Client Gallery

Similar to a meal idea list, is a master grocery list. This list includes the staples you keep in your kitchen regularly. This helps you to plan out your grocery shopping based on what you have and what is missing from your master list.

Master Meal List

Image source: SquareLimeDesigns

Here is another great way to plan meals. This master list categorizes each day of the week by meal staples such as pasta or chicken. Then, each category has a list of meal options for the day's staple item!

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