I am super inspired by the brown paper look and for that reason, I wanted to share some of the layouts that inspire me so that you could also be inspired!

15+ Brown Paper Bullet Journal Ideas You Have To Try

Brown paper is becoming incredibly popular to use in bullet journaling recently. This is a very unique and awesome concept and it looks amazing! I am super inspired by the brown paper look and for that reason, I wanted to share some of the layouts that inspire me so that you could also be inspired!

Top Bullet Journal Picks

Tropical Monthly

green brown purple october month Maddie

I love the idea of creating a note or to-do section using brown paper. It gives a distinct look that I cannot help but get behind!

November Monthly Overview


I love how this spread includes not only brown paper but also floral stickers, neutral colors, and photographs. Using multiple sources of media with such neutral tones is so pleasing to the eye!

Brown Header Weekly Spread


What makes this spread great is the paper behind the headers which really make them pop with the white ink! This style is super inspirational for me!

Monthly Overview


I love how this spread looks so clean. Instead of the ripped paper look, the paper is all very clean cut and I thoroughly enjoy it!

Brown October Cover Page


This particular cover page is absolutely adorable! Something about the composition and use of brown paper in this bullet journal layout feels soothing to me! What are your thoughts?

Layered Paper Calendar


Not only does this spread include brown paper, but green ad other neutral-toned paper is included. I love this layered look, it is so fresh!!

February Weekly Spread


Isn't it great how brown paper pairs with photos, stickers, and other forms of stationery and media?? I cannot get over the gorgeous composition of this one!

Brown Paper Polaroid


I am continually baffled by creative people. There is no way I could come up with something so flawless on my own!

April Monthly


Here is another super fresh bullet journal spread that uses brown paper. This one feels so flawless!

April Daily Journal


Do you journal in your bullet journal? I love the concept of this type of layout.

Brown Paper Journal


Screw adding brown paper, why not just get yourself a brown paper notebook!? I wish I was bold enough to go for something so awesome like a brown paper notebook!

November Cover


This mix of black and brown is such a slick look. I cannot help but enjoy this cover page.

Houseplant Weekly


I am a sucker for a good houseplant, so of course, this layout caught my attention. I love the use of paper in the section you write in alone. Additionally, the pieces are cut so straight!

January Weekly Spread


Here is another awesome example of how you can make a header or subheader pop! This one works so well into the collection!

Hello October Brown Paper Page

image source: PlantBasedBride

I love a good spooky layout, and, I am learning that I love a black and brown combo! The mix of layering, spooky, and artwork is perfect for my tastes. You could easily recreate this using the Poooli Printer!

June Multi-Media Spread

image source: Pinterest

Last, but certainly not least, this layout uses book pages! I love the neutral tone and feel of a vintage book page. It makes for a great bullet journal backdrop as well!

Top Bullet Journal Picks

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