33 Tips to Boost Your Motivation This Autumn

33 Tips to Boost Your Motivation This Autumn

Everyone has fought with autumn gloominess, making you feel like all you want to do is stay cozy inside. And yes, this is a helpful thing to do after a long day of work. It is that moment of the day when you relax and enjoy yourself. But another consequence of this seasonal affective disorder is the loss of motivation. While some people are enthusiastic about fall, warm and nice leaf colors, rainy and cooler days, others find it more challenging. So, here are 33 tips to boost your motivation this autumn.


One of the most useful things you could do is to start doing what you should do. As soon as you put things into motion, they will slowly advance and keep going. You just have to start.

Find Your Values

One of the sources of the lack of motivation is poor alignment between your work and your values. To do something without feeling it is a chore, you need to find your values.

Connect Them with Your Work

On the other side, finding a new job might seem difficult. Another way to boost your motivation would be to connect your values with your work and change your mindset on the tasks you dislike.

Embrace Failure

If you went through failures, which you probably did, you know too well that your motivation level suddenly decreases. See failure as an opportunity for improvement and development, and you will boost your motivation.

Set Your Goals

Setting goals is a nice way to boost your motivation because you become more aware of what you want to accomplish. And you will be more motivated to embark on the journey.

Measure Your Progress

This is linked with setting your goals. If you set SMART goals, it will be easier to measure your progress. And being aware of it boosts your motivation.

Always Eat Breakfast

Even though some people might think that their body shuts down to process the food after eating, this is not always the case. Bananas, apples, fish, and eggs are among the foods that give you energy. And energy boosts your motivation.

Drink Enough Water

The connection between water and motivation might seem poor. But in fact, dehydration can decrease your motivational and energy levels, so drink enough water.

Not Too Much Caffeine

Caffeine is a widely consumed substance known to make you more alert, have more energy, and thus be more motivated. But it can have the opposite effect too if it is consumed in high amounts.

Productivity Slot

Not being productive often drains you of motivation and this might be because you have not found your most productive time of the day.

Prioritize Your Tasks

Task prioritization is one of the tips that can boost your motivation. Bullet Journaling is one great way to take note of your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. With bullet journaling, you can also prioritize your taks using symbols, colors, highlighting and more!

Reward Yourself

Rewards are an essential part of the motivational process. So, after you have accomplished your goals, you could reward yourself to boost your motivation.

Keep Distractions Away

Experiencing constant interruptions in your work can keep motivation away. It is useful to close your social media tabs and keep your phone away while you work.

Sleep Enough

When you do not sleep enough, you feel tired. And this tiredness comes with frustration and the inability to regulate your emotions, which leads to a lack of motivation. Sleep around 8 hours per night.


Planning is a nice way to organize your tasks and also make sure you finish all in time. One of the most customizable and effective ways to plan is with a planner called the "bullet journal." Learn more about bullet journaling and goal planning by clicking here! But it also helps you boost your motivation and start working towards achieving your goals.

Break Your Goals into Smaller Ones

Often, setting big goals can have the opposite effect. They might lead to demotivation because they are too big to accomplish and things might get overwhelming. But breaking them into smaller ones helps you make them more approachable and also boost your motivation. freebie-form-image-long-term-goals

Always Remember Why

There are many reasons people start doing things, and whenever you feel defeated by them, remember why you started in the first place.

Don't Go All Out

Enthusiasm might make you want to go all out. But on your journey, you will need to dose your resources accordingly to boost your motivation and keep its levels constant.

Spend Time In Nature

Spending time in nature is important as it supplies you with the energy and mood boost you need. And these in turn boost your motivation.


Exercising increases the levels of feel-good hormones, which boost your mood and keep negative emotions away. Exercising nurtures motivation.

Surround Yourself with Positive People

All people go through difficult times and supporting your friends in these moments is important. But surrounding yourself with positive people can boost your motivation, energy, mood, and ambition.

Have A Routine

Having a routine is important not only for productivity and efficiency but for motivation too. It is a simple way to get used to doing something to accomplish your goals every day.

Knowledge is Changing

One of the things to keep in mind that will boost your motivation this autumn is the fact that knowledge is changing. So, no matter how much you try to learn, you cannot learn every knowledge in this world because it is constantly changing.


Practicing self-compassion is a helpful way to become aware of your weaknesses and of the fact that people are not perfect. Self-compassionate people also have a higher level of intrinsic motivation.

Build A Playlist

Music stimulates your body to move, but it also boosts performance and motivation. This happens because when listening to music, your brain releases dopamine which is also involved in regulating motivation. One of the best ways to listen to music is with cordless earbuds like these Soundliberty Bluetooth Earbuds (Get 25% off with code hajj25).

Set What Your Aim For

Most people strive to accomplish perfection. And perfection does not exist, which makes this goal impossible to accomplish. Set healthy goals and acknowledge that no one can be perfect.

Keep A Journal

Journaling is a habit most psychotherapists advise their clients to start. It helps you get rid of stress and anxiety and it leaves room for motivation.

Practice Gratitude

Studies have shown that practicing gratitude leads to a boost in motivation and energy. Write down three different things a day you are grateful for.


Some people still connect reading with awful literature teachers. But there are many book genres you can choose from and that can boost your motivation. You just have to find your genre.

Self Improvement

Self-improvement has different meanings for every human. But always looking for self-improvement and doing it boosts your motivation because you can notice your progress every day.

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Avoid Multitasking

The conception that you do not have enough time to accomplish all your tasks can make you choose to multitask. But this is a counterproductive activity you engage in, as you divide your attention between tasks. And when ending with a lot of time spent on many tasks and nothing accomplished can drain you of motivation.

Take Short Breaks

Breaks help you stay focused, so taking short breaks can increase your productivity and efficiency. At the same time, breaks allow you to get a fresher perspective and they boost your creativity and motivation.

Invest in Experience

Most people invest in things, but the positive emotions boost you feel only short-term. Instead, investing in experiences can boost your motivation and mood in the long-term. Which of these tips is your favorite? Do you have any you'd like to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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