2018 Blogging and Business Bullet Journal | Plan-with-Me

2018 Blogging and Business Bullet Journal | Plan-with-Me

I have been working on my blogging bullet journal for months. Regardless, I am no-where near where I want to be with it. Despite this, I am choosing to share my business bullet journal with you. I want to share a bullet journal reality (it takes time to come up with a format you actually like) and to share some inspiration.

My Layout

The goal of this notebook was to keep all business and blogging related information separate than my personal and academic information. At first, my expectation was that there would be a 100% separation. However, I now keep only an overview in the blog notebook. Further, I keep all scheduling and ‘to-dos’ in my personal planner indicated in the color pink.

The notebook includes an index, event overview, goals, year at a glance, mission statement and blog overview. Following these layouts are the category key, hashtag list, keywords page, post checklist, Instagram schedule, bills and finances, audience tracking, and affiliate marketing list. Then, each month included a content calendar, social media calendar, to-do list, and finances page.

I have been neglecting most of the pages as you can see below. They are hard to keep up with since I keep most of the information on in other systems. Additionally and have completely altered the monthly layouts to include only a calendar. I have also added more pages like order flow, Self-Made Together to-do list (An amazing online blogging course which I am severely behind on), and a blog mind dump. Check out the layouts below.

Layout Inspirations

My blogging bullet journal was inspired by a few specific blog articles:

  • Page Flutter’s Rhodia Goalbook Review
  • Boho Berry’s Blog Business Bullet Journal
  • Hip Home School Blog’s Business bullet Journal.

My Bullet Journal Tools

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