This year, I went with a black and gold theme instead of pumpkins. Continue reading for more on my theme choice and layouts!

Black & Gold October 2020 Bullet Journal PWM

Every October to date, I have always chosen to do a watercolor pumpkin theme. My favorite part of fall is apple picking, pumpkin picking, and haunted houses, so naturally, I chose pumpkins. However, if you have not noticed, I decided to do something different this year. This year, I went with a black and gold theme. Continue reading for more on my theme choice and layouts!

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Black & White Theme Breakdown

This month, I knew that I wanted to utilize black. I decided to use black when I was cleaning out my paint collection; however, I was not sure how I would incorporate the gold minimal script. Eventually, I decided to do bold lettering and outline it with gold. To start fulfilling this concept, I drew in all the lettering in pencil and then decided to draw in some very minimal ghosts. Next, I began filling the rest of the page with metallic black or coal paint. Then, once the paint had dried, I started outlining the letters with gold paint pens. However, I quickly realized I was not too fond of the way this was turning out. In the video, you can see that I began with the outline, then starting filling in the letters with gold instead of just outlining them. At this point, I decided to make the ghosts gold as well and give them black facial details.

October 2020 Layout Explanation

If you read the overview of my September 2020 bullet journal spread, you know I went back to incorporating the hourly schedule, which I was doing in the spring. However, this month, I have decided to remove them again. I found that I would fill them in at the beginning of the month, but then did not refer back to them, nor did I ever update changes. It felt as if this was a wasted spread, and I feel no reason to keep using it. However, I did keep pretty much everything else the same. I did one page per week using six columns, with the sixth broken into two. However, unlike previous months, October has 5 weeks, which left one black page at the end. For this blank page, I decided to try out a brain dump.

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