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The Best Black & White Washi Tape You Need

Washi tape is a great tool for bullet journalers and crafters alike. Get inspired by our most recommended black and white washi tape!

Washi Tape is such an awesome tool for bullet journalers, crafters, and planners a like. These adorable and decorative tapes make perfect accents, stickers, and creative additios to any project!

At ElizabethJouranls, we love a good washi tape and all that it can offer to the world of bullet journaling and beyond. Keep reading to learn more about washi tape and to get inspired with some of our most recommended black and white washi tapes!

What Is Washi Tape

Before you can use washi tape to its fullest potential, it might be helpful to know what Washi Tape is! Washi tape is a type of decorative tape. Washi Tape isn't meant to be used to repair equipment or survive intense weather. However, these tapes are often colorful, have decorative patterns, and are popular among bullet journal, planner, and DIY communities. Also, they can come in a variety of lengths and widths!

Are you looking for even MORE insight into washi tape? Then, check out our ULTIMATE washi tape guide.

6 partially unrolled rolls of black washi tape with subtle texture marks in white and gold

Textured Black Washi Tape

I absolutely love a good textured washi tape! This one is fun because it is primarily black tape but with very pale gold and white detailing. So if you love a good subtle pattern, these might be for you!

Shop Now A close up of washi tape with black and white patterns such as chevron, dots, stripes, etc.

Darice Washi Tape

These fun black and white patterned washi tapes are perfect for every bullet journaler, particularly every beginner! These tapes are super versatile and great for all occasions.

Shop Now black cat washi tape close up showing a black cat doing different cat poses

Black Cat Washi Tape

Everyone loves a good cat-themed washi tape! While the image we have is not their best work, this washi tape is absolutely adorable and SO worth it!

Shop Now washi tape close up with words and black and white patterns

Aall & Create #18 Poets Washi Tape

If you are interested in something a little more abstract, then this french poetry abstract design washi tape would be a perfect addition to your collection!

Shop Now 12 partially unrolled washi tapes with varied black and white patterns

Cute & Decorative Black & White Washi Tape

Here is another example of some cute and fun black and white patterns. These black and white patterned tapes will match everything and add some cute and decorative flair!

Shop Now washi tape close up with words and black and white patterns

Aall & Create #17 Mix and Match Washi Tape

Here is another tape similar to the french poetry tape we showed before. This tape is made by the same creator and has poetry in English and more amazing abstract designs!

Shop Now 3 partially unrolled black and white washi tapes with varied floral patterns

Floral Black and White Washi Tape

Not everyone loves fun patterns, so of course, we had to include some beautiful floral tapes in our black and white washi tape collection! What do you think?

Shop Now mockup of two black and white washi tape. Thinner tape with black and white stripes and larger tape with black lines that are not even or straight

Funky Fossil Monochrome Washi Tape

Again, not the most flattering of photos, but the tape is such a good tape. If you are looking for something super simple, these two stripe styles are a perfect go-to.

Shop Now two stacks of 5 black and white washi tape with phrases, letters, words, and numbers in black and white

Gothic Vintage Black & White Washi Tape

Here is the perfect collection for those of you who love vintage vibes or even just lettered and numbered tapes in general. I loved the varied styles, fonts, and vibes in each of the tapes in this collection. They are such a fun addition to any washi tape collection.

Shop Now A close up of white washi tape with black dots

Altenew Dotted Washi Tape

You cannot go wrong with a super simple design like this tape. This tape is a much wider tape than most which we have shown in this collection; however, that makes it even more incredible. You can cut this tape to suit your needs even more than you can a different tape!

Shop Now A close up of a logo

Minimal Symbol Washi Tape

If you are looking for a super simple way to add borders, bullet points, or symbols to your journal, look no further. This fun symbol collection includes some fantastic regular and holiday-themed borders and bullet points, including the checkbox (our personal favorite).

Shop Now freebie-form-image-smart-goals close up of gride washi tape black and white

Sizzix Making Washi Tape

Sometimes what we need in a tape is less for jaw-dropping decoration and more practical. This tape is a simple grid tape that can help be a fun backdrop or help you line things up better!

Shop Now 5 stacks of over 10 black and white washi tape rolls all with different patterns

60 Rolls YeulionCraft Black and White Washi Tape

If you are looking to get the best bang for your buck, this tape college is a must! It is absolutely massive, including over 50 tapes!

Shop Now A close up of a bottle

Black, Gold, and White Galaxy Washi Tape

I know this collection is meant to be for black and white tapes. However, this collection has some great black and white tapes that I could not pass up because the collection also included some gold and silver tapes. If you like astrology, galaxy, or anything related, this is an ADORABLE washi tape collection.

Shop Now Engineering drawing

Black and White Marbled Washi Tape

Again, I know some details aren't quite black and white; but, the black and white marbled tapes are a must! These designs will add tremendously to your planner or creative project!

Shop Now Text, engineering drawing

Monochrome and Grid Washi Tape

This washi tape collection is a MUST for every washi tape collection because you cannot go wrong with all the shades and varieties of black and white PLUS black and white grid tapes? These tapes would make a perfect yet subtle addition to your planner!

Shop Now several roles of washi tape some black some white

Plain Black and White Washi Tape

Similar to the tape mentioned before, having solid black ad solid white tapes in your collection is a must regardless of the color paper you use. Imagine how many errors could have been more easily fixed with white tape!

Shop Now A close up of text on a white background

Black and White Vintage Washi Tape

Did you love some of the other vintage designs we've shown? Then you are sure to LOVE this black and white washi tape design!

Shop Now A close up of a checkerboard pattern role of washi tape

Black and White Checkerboard Washi Tape

Here is another super simple washi tape sure to catch the attention of 90's kids (if you know, you know). Add a clean and simple checkerboard to your bullet journal so easily with this tape!

Shop Now (similar) 20 rolls of black white and gold zodiac washi tape closeups

Galaxy & Zodiac Washi Tape

Sure, here is another galaxy-themed washi tape that is not only black and white; BUT, quite a few of these tapes are simply black and white, and for that reason (in addition to how cool these tapes are), I could not pass up showing these off! So whether you are drawn to these tapes for the fun galaxy designs, the metallic detail, or the black and white options, this might be our favorite tape in this collection!

Shop Now A close up of a cake

Then Patterned Washi Tape

Did you prefer the patterned and symbols tapes shown off before? When here is another great option! These patterned tapes are thin, meaning they are perfect for creating borders, details and using them as bullet points!

Shop Now 6 partially unrolled grid patterned black and white washi tape

Black and White Grid Washi Tape

And the final tape I want to show off is this awesome bundle of black and white grid patterns! These tapes could be used in so many cool ways!

Shop Now

Do you love these black and white washi tape options? Then, check out some of our other washi tape and stationery recommendations and bullet journaling ideas made just for your washi tape!

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