Bethany's Blue Bullet Journal

Bethany's Blue Bullet Journal

Here is a breakdown of Brittany's bullet journal inspired planner. Brittany's notebook was created in a black A5 size notebook with the main color is blue. Layouts involved include a title page, Pixar and Disney movie trackers, mood pixels, exercise tracker, weight loss tracker, period tracker, places to go list, savings jar, notes, moving checklist, moving wishlist by room, home maintenance, hello monthly pages, monthly cleaning tasks, spending logs, habit tracker, monthly to-do, weekly rows layout, weekly sleep and water tracking, and weekly meal planning.

Layouts Included

Blue Watercolor Title Page:

This is a yellow watercolor title page. In a calligraphy font, I wrote "Bethany." Then, on the second line "Journal 2019" is in an all-caps print font.

Pixar and Disney Movie Trackers:

The headers of these two layouts are in the style of the Pixar and Disney logos. The rest of the layout is a checklist of movies to watch or buy make by Pixar and Disney.

Mood Pixels:

This layout is a grid for each month with a square for each day of that month. The header is black ink in calligraphy font and print font. There are 7 mood options including amazing, really good, normal, exhausted, depressed, frustrated, stressed out.

Exercise Tracker:

The exercise tracker is a grid just like the mood pixels, however instead of moods, this grid tracks various exercises such as light intensity, cardio, strength, and combined.

Blue Weight Loss Tracker:

This weight loss tracker resembles a board game. There is a starting location in the top left and a finish line in the top right. In the top, there is also a section to write in rewards options. The header is in a blue calligraphy font.

Period Tracker:

This period tracker is similar to a year in pixels. Vertically down the right side is the header in a bold blue print font. There is a grid square for each day of all 12 months.

Places To Go List:

This is a list layout which is mostly blank except the header and checkboxes. The header is in black and blue print and calligraphy fonts with a red arrow.

Savings Jar:

This is a savings tracker with a jar which has 12 sections. Each section is for a month out of the year. There are also sections to write in a goal. The title is in a blue calligraphy style cursive with a little bit of print font.


This page is mainly blank with “Notes” in a regular print all-caps font on the top right of the page. A line then connects these words to the edge of the page.

Moving Checklist:

The sections in this layout are based on time increments before the move. The header of this layout is in blue cursive font. The sections include "2 months out", "6 weeks out", "1 month out", "1 week out", "on move-in day", "after move", and "other reminders". Finally, under each section is various tasks to complete for a smooth move.

Moving Wishlist:

This is a layout list for items wanted after moving into a new home. The header is in black calligraphy cursive. Additionally, I've organized this layout by room. Then, the bulk of the layout is in the shape of a house with sections based on rooms. The rooms in the layout include the "master bedroom", "bathrooms", "living room", "kitchen", "entry hall", "living room", and "other".

Home Maintenance:

This layout is kind of like a grid. Further, the header is an all-caps print font. Then, the vertical axis has different seasons and months laid out, each season is a different color. Spring is green, summer is yellow, autumn is orange, and winter is blue. Next, the horizontal axis features different cleaning tasks organized by frequency: monthly, quarterly, biannually, and once a year. Finally, the time at which each task is meant to be completed is circled in the assigned color.

Blue Hello Monthly Pages:

These hello pages are minimal with the name of the month in blue cursive font between two horizontal lines above and below. Then a little showing of the month is written below.

Monthly Cleaning Tasks:

The header of this page is thin and tall blue print font with "monthly" written over it on the bottom right section in black calligraphy cursive. Below the header is the daily section with various cleaning task written and a spot to be checked off each day. The next two sections are weekly and biweekly and the final sections are monthly and focus area.

Spending Logs:

This page is meant to log expenses. Further, it includes a column for the date, store, item or items, cash or credit card, cost, and balance. The header is in blue print font done inside of a black banner.

Habit Tracker:

Like the mood tracker, the habit tracker is a grid for each month with a square for each day of that month. Then, the header is vertical on the left in blue print font and black minimal cursive.

Monthly To-Do:

The header of this spread is done banner style with each letter in its own banner. Then, the remainder of the spread is a chart with three columns: number, to-do, and completed.

Weekly Rows Layout:

The weekly layouts include 7 rows, 4 on the left page and 3 on the right. Further, the main header is an all-caps black ink print. Additionally, the day of the week is a bold blue capital letter and the date is a small subscript.

Weekly Sleep and Water Tracking:

This is a weekly one-page layout broken into two trackers. On the top of the page is a sleep tracker in the form of a graph. Then, on the bottom of the page is a water tracker with seven separate boxes each with 8 circles in them.

Weekly Meal Planning:

This is a weekly layout with a section for each day of the week. The sections are broken into 4 rows: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack. The right side of the page is left blank for groceries.

Tools Used

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