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Top 3 Writing Tools That All Productive Students Need

If you are a student and looking for the best writing tools available on the internet in 2020, you are indeed in the perfect place! Today the topic of our discussion is the best writing tool for junior and mature writers. If you want to increase productivity and use online writing tools for free, this is the perfect article for you. Read it till the very end for a complete guide. First, you must clearly understand that writing does require not only the right attitude and ideas. It also requires you to have the right set of tools to help you be productive with your assignments.

You might have heard about hundreds of free and paid programs on the internet, but not all of the available tools on the internet are reliable to use. It is deplorable that one cannot trust every tool on digital sites these days. Nevertheless, you don't have to stress about this problem. Instead, please read the details of the top-reputed sites that we have discussed below. All of the tools mentioned below are best for writers of all ages, both in cost and reliability.

Best Digital Tools For Students In 2020

Some of the top online resources that you must know about are mentioned below.

Microsoft Word

The first writing tool that you can use is by Microsoft Office! Microsoft Word is a top-rated platform worldwide for writing and editing of content which is part of the Office Home & Student 2019 Bundle. Today you can find hundreds of writing processors on the internet, but this Microsoft tool is still the most widely used. Word has millions of users, and the number keeps increasing as the tool continues updating and improving.

The word tool can be used online and can also be installed on your device for free. You can use the basic features of MS word for free without any complications. But if you want to hook up with the premium features of MS Word, you can sign up for a monthly plan. For those of you who never have used words in their lives and are planning on doing so, you would love the experience of this tool, and it is elementary to operate. You can play with the designs, layouts, references, and view of the work you have prepared with the Word. There are hundreds of working features of Microsoft Word that you can enjoy once you start using it.


Duplichecker is considered to be the best online program for writers and content managers, and this is because it is a free and easy to use tool with tons of features. This is a plagiarism checker that can be used by writers and managers belonging to different walks of life. You must know that plagiarism is an unbearable offense that you try to avoid in your work. Today you don't have to look out only for deliberate attempts of plagiarism, but most importantly, you have to save yourself from unintentional plagiarism.

The online plagiarism checker duplichecker.com is considered to be the best option available, and this is because of its accurate results and 100% reliability. Use this plagiarism detector to check small portions of content, complete files, complete websites via URL, and scan your overall work for grammar mistakes. Anyone can use this plagiarism tool without any registration and formalities. The working process of this online tool is relatively easy, so don't worry about it.


If you are into preparing error-free docs, then you might have heard about Grammarly. Grammarly is, without a doubt, one of the most popular platforms on the internet these days. We want our audience to know that Grammarly is an online-based software program that you can use on any of your digital devices. Grammarly is available as a website and web-application for every device, so it is up to you to use it via the website or wish to download it and use it directly on your device. One of Grammarly's pro features is that it can be used with MS word as an add-on tool. This feature makes the work very easy as you can edit and remove all kinds of errors while preparing them with the Word. Grammarly can also be a great learning experience for Beginners.

You can quickly fix spelling, grammar, punctuation, and other structural errors with this online program. Writers should understand that this is a free online program. With it, you can fix all kinds of human errors without bearing the cost of a premium option. However, if you want to look out for duplication or plagiarism, you have to pay to use the plagiarism checker feature (we recommend using Duplichecker for free)!

How that you have these awesome free writing tools at your disposal, your productivity is sure to skyrocket! Let us know in the comments below which of these tools is your favorite!

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