Looking for a different way to pass the time, now that distancing has gone on for so long? Take a look at some of the best hobbies to start during COVID-19.

5 of the Best Hobbies to Start During COVID-19

As much as we want it to be over, the coronavirus pandemic is still happening. Though some states are opening up, it doesn’t mean that it’s smart to fall back into our old habits and routines—which means we need to find some different ways to spend our time, especially as summer continues. So what should we do? There are plenty of things to do, including taking at a look at hobbies to start.

Whether you want to learn something new before school starts up again or you just want another way to pass the time, we’ve laid out just what you need. Enjoy this summer season (even if it looks different) with some of the best hobbies to start during COVID-19. Try them out, and see your interests spark up again!

Explore the World of Crafting

There are so many ways to fall into crafting. It’s not just one activity—if you don’t like knitting, you can try embroidery. If painting on canvas isn’t your thing, you can paint a t-shirt with some tie-dye. If you need some motivation, take a look at some of these awesome summer crafting projects. They’re easy enough, and they’ll give you just the kickstart you need to start exploring the crafting world.

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Relieve Stress With Bullet Journaling

We’ve talked quite a lot on this blog about the power of bullet journaling—what better time to start one than a summer when you’ll have more free time than usual. In general, journaling is a stress reliever. We get to put our thoughts down on the page rather than letting them around in our minds. In fact, journaling and bullet journaling is such a stress reliever and organizer that we highly recommend it for any student or professional!

Build Your Backyard Garden

Want to pass your days outside in the sunshine? Delve into gardening. There’s so much about gardening that captivates you. You plant the seeds and, all of a sudden, all you want to do is check and see if they’re growing. You’ll pull weeds to make a charming home for your plants, you’ll water when the day gets too dry—and when they sprout, you’ll get plenty of fresh produce.

Take that mindset with you to school. You can take a potted garden with you and reap the benefits even if you’re not at home!

Get Your Body Moving With Yoga

You’ve probably seen a lot of people getting more serious about their fitness throughout quarantine. That’s great! But if weightlifting and HIIT workouts aren’t your thing, you can still reap the benefits of exercise with a tamer style. Yoga is a wonderful way to get your body moving without putting too much pressure on yourself. It also provides ways to calm and ease your mind, even when you’re not in a studio—which is just what college students need.

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Read It, Then Watch It

Binge-watching has been a thing for a long time, but since quarantine first began, people have been watching even more TV. If that’s you, then maybe it’s time to switch things up a bit. We’re not saying that you need to cut TV out completely, but what if you read the series before you watched the series? What if you read the book before you watched the movie? You’ll spend a bit less time in front of the screen, and you’ll find more exciting nuances while you watch the show.

Hopefully, you enjoy some of the best hobbies to start during COVID-19!

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