For Bess's custom planner, the primary color is green and the theme is houseplant care. The layouts involved include a title page, index, future log...

Bess's Houseplant Care Planner Plan-with-Me

Bess ordered a custom bullet-journal-inspired planner. Bess's planner is a Leuchtturm1917 A5 Dotted Hardcover in Fresh Green. The primary color used for Bess's notebook is green and the theme is houseplant care. Further, the layouts involved include a title page, index, future log, watering pixel tracker, fertilization pixel tracker, hello monthly pages, monthly calendar, monthly mood tracker, monthly plant care habit tracker, weekly rows, plant care chart, and plant doodle guide. Here you can read more about Bess's planner.

Layouts Included

Here you can learn more about the layouts for Bess’s custom planner.

Custom Title Page

This title page is custom based on my 2017 bullet journal cover page. The center of this design is the brown header. For the header, “Bess” is in a brown brush lettered font. Underneath is “2019 - 2020 houseplant planner” in print font. Last, above the header, are a hanging plant and two potted plants on either side. The doodles are in watercolor with some ink.


This index layout design comes with the notebook. I decided to fill it out using all-caps print fonts.

Future Log

This layout features two columns per page; each column features a month from that year. The header is a minimal cursive.

Plant Care Pixel Trackers

Similar to a pixel mood tracker, I included two houseplant related pixel trackers in Bess's notebook. The first tracker is for water with a blue brush lettered heading and the second is for fertilizing with a green brush lettered header. The rest of these pages is a grid involving a square for each day of the year. Down the right side is a key indicating how to fill in the square for each day. The key for the water tracker includes checked, watered, partial, and not watered. Finally, the key for the fertilization tracker includes checked, fertilized, partial, and not fertilized.

Watercolor Houseplants Hello Monthly

Each month features a watercolor hello monthly page, each with a different houseplant. Here is a list of the plants featured each month.

  • July: Snake plant
  • August: Dieffenbachia or dumb cane
  • September: Spider plant
  • October: Cacti
  • November: Generic Tropical plant
  • December: Generic hanging vine plant
  • January: Palm tree
  • February: Hanging hoya
  • March: Generic small plants and Succulents
  • April: Similar to a false aralia
  • May: Bonsai
  • June: Cactus

Monthly Calendar

The left page of this layout is a calendar grid. The headers for the days of the week are in green print letters. Then the right side features a calligraphy cursive font header and two sections below. Finally, the section titles are in a minimal cursive reading “to-do” and “goals.”

Monthly Mood Tracker

The mood trackers are different each month. The most apparent difference is the theme or picture chosen. These images mimic the plant theme used in the hello pages. The images are broken into enough parts so that there is a part for each day of the month. Then, each day, the image parts get filled in. Each mood is assigned to a specific color, design, or shade of a color. Next, Bess can color in each part according to her mood or moods for that day.

Monthly Plant Care Habit Tracker

Like the mood tracker, the habit tracker is a grid for each month with a square for each day of that month. Instead of each column representing a month, it represents a habit. The header is a green calligraphy font and black print font. The key includes watered, not watered, checked, fertilized, re-potted, and cleaned.

Weekly Columns

This page features seven columns for seven days of the week. Next to the rightmost column is a houseplant or green washi tape. Further, the washi tape is different for each month. The main titling is in a black print font. Then, the weekday titling is just the first letter in green brush lettering. Finally, each letter has a subscript for the date.

Plant Care Chart

The care chart is a simple grid. The far left column is the key, then there are 5 columns to the right. Rows included are plant doodle, nickname, name, light, water, fertilize, temperature, humidity, soil, pruning, propagation, and poison level. This layout is meant to help Bess properly care for her plants. I included several chart pages.

Plant Doodle Guide

Bess requested some doodle guides related to houseplants. So, I included two pages of doodle guides including 8 different houseplant doodles.

Tools Used

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