Sunshine Yellow August Bullet Journal Plan-With-Me

Sunshine Yellow August Bullet Journal Plan-With-Me

Happy August! August is birthday month for me, plus one of my best friends is getting married! In honor of this happy and sunny month, I themed my bullet journal for the sun but went far more minimal that last month’s outer space theme. Without further ado, here is August’s happy sunshine yellow bullet journal spread. This post may contain affiliate links.

August Theme | Sunshine Yellow

As I mentioned. This month’s theme is sunshine yellow. I also chose to keep it more minimal that July’s more artistic spread. I kept this theme by utilizing Life of Color’s bright yellow watercolor pen. I cleaned up the use of the bright yellow by outlining all words or letters with a fine point black pen. I also added bright yellow washi tape racing stripes.

August Layouts

This month’s title page features and roughly drawn a bright yellow circle encompassing “August” also in bright yellow. I chose to make the circle rougher instead of boldly filled in to give the illusion of the sun on a hot summer day.

The monthly layout includes a notes section on the left page and a monthly layout on the right page. This is similar to July’s layout. The notes titling is on top of a washed bright yellow section and features black lettering. The calendar is different in that the days of the week and the month title is in a bright yellow brush lettering outlined with a fine point black pen. The calendar is the usual grid style.

Similar to the monthly calendar, the weekly layouts have brush lettering in bright yellow for the days of the week. On top, the month and week number are in a thin black, minimal cursive. On the right page where I usually put a strip of washi tape, I attempted to find sunshine tape to place. However, I could not find any sunshine washi tape that I liked, so I instead used two stripes of thin sunshine yellow washi tape. The general layout of the weekly spreads are the same as the last few months. And that is August’s bullet journal sunshine yellow layout!

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