30 Astrology & Zodiac Layouts To Inspire Your Bullet Journal

I do not know much about astrology or zodiac signs, or really anything related; however, my sister is, and I find it very fascinating to learn! While I was browsing some astrology information, I had a thought. It occurred to me that there might be bullet journal layouts inspired by astrology and zodiac signs. Here is a round-up of over 30 astrology and zodiac inspired bullet journal layout ideas.

Astrology for Beginners

photo credit: @witchshallow
I need this layout since I am a beginner and all. Further, I will need to add something like this to my planner!

Astrology Signs

astrology signs This beautiful minimal spread includes a rundown of all of the signs! Further, I love these informational layouts!
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Ever notice your mood is tied to the moon cycle or astrology? Check out this awesome layout! Additionally, learn more about astrology HERE.

Astrology-Inspired February Cover Page

astrology february cover I love this astrology-inspired hello page! So, I will surely use this at some point! Further, I have always enjoyed the visual of constellations; however, I have not yet incorporated them into my own bullet journal. Maybe, I will in 2021!
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Astrological Calendar

astrological calendar
photo credit: Wildhvnt
As a person who enjoys planning, I love a good calendar. Further, I love the simplicity and use of illustration in this one. I also love the visuals included!
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This is an absolutely gorgeous lunar calendar. Further, I love the horizontal nature of this one!

Birth Chart

birth chart
photo credit: ZennedOut
Here is a birth chart; I need to create one and have my sister help me out! Let me know in the comments if you know your birth chart and what it is! This particular layout is beautiful; the design of it is very visually pleasing.
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May & June Star Charts

may stars june stars mood habit tracker Again, I do not fully understand this layout; however, I like the idea of it. I would love to learn more about how this chart functions and how it might be of use. If you know, let me know in the comments!
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What is your sign? I am a Leo; however, I love all of the signs in this bullet journal spread!

Sun, Moon, & Ascendant Signs

sun moon ascendant I do not personally understand this layout. However, I love it, and it seems to fit in here! Further, it is a beautiful layout to look at, and I would love to learn more about its purpose!.


astrology This layout shows that you don't need an expensive bullet notebook to make an awesome layout. Further, even a lined notebook can be an amazing bullet journal if you want it to.
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This layout is another awesome yet simple spread full of symbols. I cannot get enough of these types of spreads!

Zodiac Signs

zodiac I absolutely love the watercolor in this layout because it gives the galaxy vibe that has become so popular. Also, the format of the layout is amazing with the corporation of banners!
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I love a good minimal layout, as you might know. So, this one is particularly nice because of its use of stars, which seem to be bursting from the middle. Again, this would be a great layout to incorporate in my own journal.

What's Your Astrology Sign?

what's your sign Again, I love a simple bullet journal layout! Additionally, I am a huge fan of symbols, and I love using colors and symbols here. I would love to see what became of this particular spread.
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Astrology Inspired Planner Pages

photo credit: EvyDraws

While these two layouts are not specifically about astrological things, they do have an astrological theme, The first is a weekly layout, and the second is a mind map that looks as if they could be! Further, the star chart vibe is truly enjoyable.
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Star Chart

photo credit: KaijuMaddy
This one is a star chart, how neat! Are you familiar with star charts? If so, let me know more in the comments below! Further, what I enjoy most about this layout is the boxes' style, including the mood phases.

Astrology Page

photo credit: Herbs and Spells
How neat is this layout? Further, I love the use of blues and paint, as well as the use of symbols.
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Scorpio Zodiac Layouts

love by the siren love by the moon I love how this layout utilizes light on dark and focuses on only one zodiac sign. Also, the use of watercolor is, again, amazing! Hopefully, you are now inspired to create your own astrology or zodiac bullet journal layout! Do you want to check out more bullet journal layouts? Click here! Want to learn more about astrology and neuropathology? Click here!
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