April 2017 Bullet Journal Layout | Plan-with-Me

April 2017 Bullet Journal Layout | Plan-with-Me

For my bullet journal in the month of April, I decided to make some changes that were much-needed. In March’s spread, I talked about some things that I needed to change and add for April. Well, I listened to myself and made those changes, check it out!

Monthly Spread

My monthly calendar page is visually exactly the same as last month. I still have the same layout. There are a few changes, though.

The first and most obvious change is that I have chosen a different quote. This month’s quote is, “Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day."

The next change is how I mark scheduled blog posts. In March, I was writing out the titles of the post in the month (check out the article here). To me, this just seemed cluttered and not necessary. I already had the title written in my weekly spread.

Instead of writing the whole title, I referred to my legend, where I had already created a solution. I had a little icon for blog posts. As you can see in the photo, I have implemented this icon in my monthly spread for April.

Lastly, I am fiddling with different ways to indicate all-day events. For April, I am trying out coloring the top bar of the day and then writing the event in that day’s box. I am not in love with this and will probably try something else next month.

Weekly Spread

Most of the changes that have been made are in April’s weekly pages.

The biggest change on the weekly page is the shopping list. In last month’s layout, I mentioned that I had forgotten to implement the weekly shopping and grocery list. I also commented on the “Due Dates” column being useless currently. To fix these issues, I removed the “Due Dates” column which made room for a shopping list column. I also shortened “Events & Appointments,” since I noticed that I did not need all the space I had previously allotted.

Shortening “Events & Appointments” allowed me to include a “Tracking” column. This is a section that I love to include because it helps to keep me accountable. Tracking is another item that I forgot about in March.

The “Tracking” column, though depicted as blank, is being used to track water intake. When I drink a glass of water, I am drawing a small glass into the tracking square for that day.

UPDATE: I am just drawing the little glasses and filling them when I drink a glass of water.

For April’s weekly spread, I have also decided to keep the title’s all in the same sandy color, instead of alternating with green.

List Pages

In March, my “Mind-Dump” page quickly filled up with blogging ideas! So, it was only natural that I created another one. This time, the title is in cursive and is written much smaller, as to leave more space for mind-dumping. It already has a ton of ideas in it!

A second list-page addition is a Wishlist! This is a page I had in my previous bullet journal (depicted here). I loved the wish list because it keeps track of things that I want that do not quite fit in my budget or that I considered additional purchases. Many of the items that I include on this list are expensive and require that I save for them. Other items are not immediate needs.

I hope you have enjoyed April’s bullet journal spread! I will continue to add and perfect my spreads each month! Is there anything else you would like to see me trying in my bullet journal? Share your bullet journaling ideas with me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or talk about it in the comments section below!

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