Elephant Themed April Bullet Journal PWM

Elephant Themed April Bullet Journal PWM

Did you know that this month there is an Elephant Day! Yes, April 16th is Elephant Day! To celebrate Elephant Day AND spring, this month’s bullet journal plan-with-me theme is Elephants and the color green. Keep reading to see my layouts and read more about my inspirations. This post may contain affiliate links

April Bullet Journal Theme | Elephants & Green

As I mentioned, this month’s theme is green and Elephants. Green was chosen as my secondary color because it is the color of fresh grass and the leaves on the trees. Plus, it is my favorite color and elephants are my favorite animal, so it just works. The green that I chose was the Mildliner green because I love both the color and the pen.

The elephant part of the theme was incorporated with the use of elephant washi tape. I went on a spree and bought a whole bunch of elephant washi tape on Etsy. I have not yet received all of my tapes but you can see the tapes I do have, and I will share with you where I got them in the next section. In addition to the washi tape, my hello April page features a geometric elephant and a minimal cursive title in green.

April Bullet Journal Layouts

The format of this month’s bullet journal layout is nearly identical to March’s layouts. The most significant difference is the titling and washi tape choices in the weekly layouts. As I mentioned before, I purchased some elephant washi tape to feature. I also decided to go with a bubbly minimal cursive for the title instead of the neat regular print I usually use. I definitely prefer the cursive!

The monthly layout is the same except I used the green metallic brush pen to write “April” and added a little gray elephant at the tail of the “L.” Similarly, I used the green Mildliner to label the days of the week and the “running to-do” and “goals” sections. The little gray elephant was also drawn with a Mildliner pen.

For week 1, I used a gray elephant washi tape with tiny red details. This washi tape came in a pack of 9 tapes and was purchased here. Week 2 does not yet have washi tape. Week 3 utilizes my favorite washi tape, a gold geometric elephant washi tape. This tape came with another roll; I purchased this tape here. Week 4 also does not yet have washi tape.

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