Most people love animals. So, whether you are a cat person, dog person, or neither, here are 20+ animal-themed bullet journal layouts to inspire you!

20+ Animal-Themed Layouts That Will Blow Your Mind

Most people love animals, so, whether you are a cat person or a dog person or neither, there is bound to be an animal out there you love. What is even better is that you can always add the animal or pet you love to your planner to view each day. I am a huge animal person too, so I decided to collect some inspiration and share it with you. Here are over twenty different animal-themed bullet your layouts to inspire your planner!

Cat Mood Tracker

I love a good visual tracker, and this animal-themed stress tracker feature this mischievous kitty is super cute!

source: metro_boulot_bujo

Hedgehog Cover Page

How adorable are these hedgehog lovers? They are the most adorable set of animals! Also, they go great on a cover page!

source: notebook_profile

Koi Fish March Cover

Dog Welcome Monthly Page

Looking for a more minimal animal-themed bullet journal spread? This is a super simple cover page with the cutest little photo-bomber.

source: notebook_profile

Tiger Weekly Log

I love the look of black paper instead of white paper! This gives this ferocious tiger such an ominous vibe. It is almost as if he is coming from the shadows!

source: witchi_art_bullet_journal

Flamingo Master List

Penguin Week Log

Can you even handle how cute these little penguins are?? Further, here is a great way to incorporate cute animals into a weekly log!

source: isabelhoops

Chameleon Weekly Log

Here is another excellent example of a more simplistic animal-themed spread! I love the outline-style art of this adorable chameleon!

source: maris.bujo

Koala Cover Page

Wolf Habit Tracker

Are you a dog person? These may be wild dogs, but they are a great way to show off your art skills while tracking your habits! Habit tracking can be pretty mundane, so why not spruce it up with some awesome animal artwork!

source: nu.jour

pink mood stress Rhiannon (2)

Cat Mood Tracker

This mood tracker is a great way to create an animal-themed mood tracker. You can do this even without art skills! Just need to trace the edges of an animal silhouette and then add lines in the middle! Easy peasy!

source: elizabethjournals

Raven Doodle Instructions

Little Bunny Gratitude Tracker

Here is a random bunny doodle! You can easily throw in a random doodle anywhere in your bujo to celebrate your favorite furry or scaly friend!

source: bujosonia

Turtle Weekly Log

While you can check out more aquatic-based themes by clicking here, I wanted to include one of my favorite aquatic friends still. So, here is yet another way to add animals to your weekly spread.

source: kookie_krisps

Watercolor Fox Cover Page

Horse Habit Tracker

I grew up around horses, so I thought it only fitted to include a horse-themed spread. Further, here is a little bit of horse artwork for fellow horse enthusiasts out there!

source: created_by_nerea

Small Animal Cover Page

I couldn't replicate this art style, but maybe you can. I love the line art with the lines being white! Also, I love a circle window into another world. Further, this is just another excellent way to add animals to your planner.

source: bulletwithtea

Toucan Cover Page

Animal Tracks Art Page

Until I started researching for his post, I had never thought to focus on animal tracks! This is an excellent concept to keep on its own or add as a fun feature to any layout! I am keeping it in mind for future themes in my planner!

source: Pinterest

Llama Cover Page

When I saw this spread, I simply HAD to include it! I love the adorable llama with his colorful carpet—also, a great cover page design with such clean artwork.

source: tina.stepanova

Owl Quote & Art Page

Bear Hello April Cover Page

I love the adorable bear stack! While bears are not friendly creatures in real life, they make fun and cute doodles perfect for your planner!

source: that1bujoshay

Giraffe Monthly Log

I LOVE giraffes. Also, this is a super awesome monthly log! I love that it is split in two but is also timeline-style.

source: planningmindfully

Do you love animal and other themes in your bullet journal? If you do, check out these other themed bullet journal layout ideas for your planner! What is your favorite theme? Let me know in the comments below!

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