Alesha's Green-Themed Bullet Journal PWM

Here is a breakdown of the bullet journal-inspired planner created for Alesha. Alesha's green-themed notebook was created in an azure-colored A5 size notebook, with the main colors being various shades of green. Layouts include a watercolor title page, future log, monthly log, and weekly log. Scroll down to watch this notebook's plan-with-me and read more about the custom bullet journal.

Tools Used


Layouts in Alesha's Green-Themed Planner

Here you can learn more about the layouts for Alesha’s green-themed custom planner. green watercolor cover page-alesha-2021 bullet journal-on white sheet

Green-Themed Watercolor Cover Page

This page is a green watercolor title page. In a script font, I wrote "Alesha," then on the second line is the client's other names and "2021" written in an all-caps print font.

green future log 3 rows on each page each row features a month. script subheadings

Row-Style Future Log

This style of future log shows three months per page with mini calendars. Further, the rows are primarily blank with the green script subheader and mini-calendar to the left or right of the row.

green march monthly log with grid calendar and 4 "notes" sections with different titles

Green-Themed Monthly Log

I love the monthly log style that Alesha chose. This one includes a bold brush-lettered header in various shades of green. Then, the bottom left, overlapping the two pages, is a grid-style calendar. And finally, to the top and right of the grid are four sections for additional notes. Finally, these sections include wishlist, goals, tasks, and waiting on.

green script header-january weekly log-3 boxed rows per page stacked on top of eachother

Row Box-Style Weekly Log

The final layout style for this green-themed bullet journal is the weekly logs. Alesha chose a stacked boxes style similar in structure to the future log. The top of these pages includes a green script header, including the month in the top right and date range in the top left. Then, each page has three boxes stacked with print sub-headers. Lastly, the sixth box includes both Saturday and Sunday combined.

Tools Used

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