Here is a breakdown of the bullet journal inspired planner created for Abigail. For Abigail's notebook the main color is light blue.

Abigail's Light Blue Splatter Bullet Journal

Here is a breakdown of Abigail's light blue custom bullet journal inspired planner. Abigail's notebook is a black A6 size notebook with the main color being light blue. Layouts include a title page, year at a glance, birthday log, books to read, movies to watch, weight loss tracker, cleaning schedule, bill tracking, monthly calendar, monthly to-do and notes, grocery list, sleep log, mood tracker, exercise tracker, and weekly layout.

Layouts Included

Title Page:

This is a light blue watercolor splatter title page. There is no writing on this page by request of the buyer.

Year at a Glance:

This year at a glance features 12 months, July 2018 through June 2019, in a calendar format. The months are vertical and light blue cursive. The main header is 2018 - 2019 in print font and "at a glance" in minimal cursive.

Birthday List:

This layout features a blue and white cake in the top right corner. The main header is "Birthday List" in a curly cursive font. Below the header is a banner. Each month has a candle with the month written in it.

Books to Read:

For this notebook, the books to read are consolidated into one page. This page is a simple black and white bookshelf. The header is in a bold blue calligraphy-style cursive as well as a fun print font.

Movies to Watch:

This layout covers only one page and features a bag of popcorn. At the base of the page, there is the blue and white popcorn bag. Then the remainder of the page is filled with popcorn kernels. The header is in a bold blue calligraphy-style cursive as well as a fun print font.

Weight Loss Tracker:

This weight loss tracker resembles a board game. There is a starting location in the top left and a finish in the top right. The header is in a light blue calligraphy font.

Cleaning Schedule:

The cleaning schedule occupies one page and has various sections including every day, every week, every month, and every 3 to 6 months. The header is in black print font and light blue calligraphy.

Bills Tracking:

This layout accounts for 12 months of bills in two pages. The blue watercolor sections are for the title of the bill, then Abigail can write in an amount and date in the sections below according to the appropriate month. The main header is in a minimal cursive and print font.

Monthly Calendar:

I used a simple grid calendar and simple small cursive titling vertically down the right side.

Monthly To-Do & Notes:

These pages are mainly blank with "To-do" written in the top left corner and “Notes” written in the top right corner. A line then connects these words.


This layout was created especially for Abigail. By request, this page includes a very minimal print header, minimal doodles for each category as well as a specific color for each category. The categories include green with a broccoli head, purple with a banana, red with a fish, yellow with a potato, blue with a block of cheese, and orange with a teaspoon.

Sleep Log:

The spread is a square completed on two edges for a graph. The horizontal axis has the day of the month and the vertical axis has the time of day. The main header is in a minimal cursive.

Mood Tracker:

This mood tracker is really neat. It took forever to create, but features a bold calligraphy font header and enough Edison style lights hanging from the top for each day of the month. The sections included at the bottom of the page are happy, normal, angry, sad, sick, tired, nervous, grumpy, and energetic.

Exercise Tracker:

In this page are 6 sections. The main header is a classy bold print and each section's header is a simple print font. Each section has a month grid so that each day can be checked for each section. The sections include crunch, sit-up, bicycle crunch, elbow plant, dumbbell side bend, and goblet squat.

Weekly Grid:

This is a simple 8-square grid. All lettering is done in a simple print font.

Tools Used

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