I didn't know what I wanted to do for October's theme. Eventually, I decided I wanted to do a stained glass style and bright 90's themed colors.

90's-Inspired October Bullet Journal Plan-With-Me

I was not entirely sure what I wanted to do for October's theme this year. I did not feel like doing another orange or pumpkin-themed spread as I have done in previous years. Eventually, I decided I wanted to do a stained glass style with black linework and bright 90's themed colors. Check out my 90's inspired October bullet journal spread!


The 90's-Inspired Theme Process

This month is a very unique month for my bullet journal. I wanted to do a more 90's theme with fun colors, however, I do not really know how this idea struck me, but it did! I also decided that I was going to film myself to create the whole thing. So, if you want to watch me create this notebook, watch the video above!

In essence, I knew that I wanted the lines to be black, so I ordered black washi tape to assist. Additionally, I knew that picking colors was important. I tried to pick some bright colors and 90's inspired colors. Initially, I simply picked paints and went with that. However, it did not feel right and so I went back over it with that same color mixed with white to create a more pastel version of the color. I greatly preferred this. Additionally, I did not have purple paint, so I created a purple for the purposes of this notebook. Once I started painting, I noticed that the paint showed on the black tape and would have to remove the tape and re-add it after the paint began to dry. The column lines are simply painted black.

The Layout Descriptions

The title page this month is similar to those that I have done in the past. In the upper half, there is a row which I taped off and painted black. This is where the header is. "October" is in a white minimal script similar to that of my previous spreads this year. The rest of the page is done in the geometric, stained-glass, with 90's-themed colors. However, I felt that the spread was not complete, and I painted the whole left page black.

The weekly spreads are very similar in design to the title page. However, the 7-weekday columns are outlined in black paint instead of being solid. Then, the rest of the pages are done in the geometric, stained-glass, with 90's themed colors. Each page was done free-style so they are all different. then, for the header, I picked a shape on the left side an added "October" in black script lettering. I did this again on the right page but with the week number. the weekday subheaders are also in black script lettering.

Products Used

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