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3 Great Ways To Decompress and Relax

Sometimes stress can be too much. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or exhausted for whatever reason, it’s important to do what you can to feel better. We’ve compiled a few great ways to decompress and relax when you feel stress creeping up. Hopefully, you’ll be able to take that stress and channel it into something positive after trying out one of these relaxation methods.

Focus on Your Breathing

It seems like a no brainer, we know, but it really is such an important step. Deep breathing or just focusing on your breathing, in general, can allow you to relieve the tension and stress you feel physically. It’s so simple to do when you feel overwhelmed or stressed; inhale deeply, hold it, and let the breath out. People don’t understand just how much focusing on your breathing can help.

Disconnect from Reality for A While

There’s nothing wrong with stepping away from what is making you stressed out. Put it to the side and deal with it later. Focus on yourself and disconnect from reality. You can do this in a multitude of ways, which we have outlined below. Really, the options are endless. Just do something that takes your focus away from the area that is bringing you stress. Some time away will provide clarity and maybe even a new perspective to deal with the issue at hand. freebie-form-image-daily-mental-health-journal

Talk About It

This might not be your favorite thing to do, but it does help! Bottling up your feelings and emotions to avoid dealing with them is not the way to go. Talking about things can bring you clarity on a situation and bring you ideas on how to handle it better. Who knows, maybe just having somebody listen to what’s going on will help. Or the individual might have the greatest idea that could totally change the situation. You never know! These are all great ways to decompress and relax. Not setting time aside to do this can be really exhausting and harmful to yourself. Prioritize yourself and your mood. Don’t let stress get the best of you!

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