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2021 Bullet Journal Plan-with-Me

It's a new year, so naturally, I am starting a brand new journal. Like the years previous, I like to do an overview and plan-with-me of all of the "intro" pages in my new journal.

I loved last year's general theme so much that I decided to stick with it for 2021. Below you can check out my 2021 bullet journal and watch me create the intro pages!

Stay tuned for another post about my business-related spreads (which are still being created)!

Let's dive in!

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Minimal & Gold Theme Breakdown

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2021 Layout Descriptions

I walked you through the theme; now, let's talk about each layout individually! Here is a break down of each layout included in my 2021 "introduction."

2021 Bullet Journal Title Page

2021 bullet journal cover page; "elizabeth" in gold minimal script; 2021: in smaller gold print

Just like 2020, I went with a very minimal, gold script title page. I contemplated doing more with paint; however, this season has been very busy. Perhaps I will update the title page in the future.

Key Layout

"key" gold minimal script header; dot "to-do"; checkbox "due dates" pink highlight "business" orange highlight "appt./meeting" yellow highlight "holiday/b-day" green highlight "elizabethplants" blue hightlight "event/plan" periwinkle highlight "work/clients" purple highlight "..."

This key has been the standard key for me for several years now. I do not use much else than these two symbols and these colors.

However, if you compare my key last year to this one, there are a few changes. First, purple does not represent anything anymore.

Then, I swapped green and periwinkle blue so that green now represents ElizabethPlants. I made this swap because it makes sense that my plant Youtube is represented by green versus how I had it before.

2021 Calendex

calendex, gold header in minimal script, black lettering, 12 months, holidays and birthdays highlighted in mustard yellow

This layout is one that I used last year as well. As of now, I have only filled in prominent birthdays and a few holidays.

If you are not familiar with the calendex, it's a type of future log. Each row represents a month, and each section represents a week. Then, the black spaces are not actual days.

Wishlist & Running To-Do List

gold headers in minimal script. Left page

Here are a few very general lists I like to keep at the front of my bullet journals. I have not yet migrated them over from my 2020 planner; however, that is on my to-do list!

My wishlist (left page) will represent things that I would like to buy or be gifted outside of houseplants (a separate list).

Then, the running to-do list (right page) will include items of to-do that are not a time-sensitive or high priority. These to-do items are for when I have spare time or need some variety in my day.

Houseplant Wishlist

vertical gold header on right side of page "hp wishlist" with vining green plant painted to sit on top

When I was planning this layout, I did not intend on including the plant artwork, only the minimal header. However, Once I wrote the header, there was a ton of extra space, and I felt inspired.

So, naturally, I went to work with some paint and create a quick trailing plant painting.

Period and Habit Tracking

left page "period." in gold print lettering with minimal pixal style tracker;; 12 months columns, 31 days rows; key: "none" empty circle "spotting" two small dots "light" small dot "heavy" large dot. Right page: vertical gold minimal script header "tracking" with paw prints from the end of header to the top of the page

I went back and forth about my trackers this year. They are not useful to me, but I enjoy the way they look.

So, I compromised and kept only one, my period tracker. However, I also decided to keep space available if I wanted to add another tracker later in the year.

I added the additional "tracking" header so that the trackers are easier to find when flipping through my planner.

Subscription and Bills Tracking

left page: "subscriptions" in gold minimal script with table below; four columns "subscriptions" "freq" "date" and "amt" Right page: "bills" in minimal gold script with rows per bill and columns per month; bill rows highlighted in gold ink

Next is my financial trackers. These have been included in my bullet journal for years now. So, naturally, my 2021 bullet journal is no different.

The left page is a subscription tracker that has not yet been filled in. Then, the right page is my bills tracker to be filled in each month when I pay my bills.

Self-Care Menu

gold minimal script header "self-care

My final "intro" page is my self-care menu. Again, I still need to migrate the contents; however, this is a simple reference page.

If I am ever feeling burnt out or in need of some TLC, I can refer to this list for ideas instead of coming up with something while exhausted.

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