For my 2020 bullet journal setup, I am cracking open a brand new notebook. I plan to keep my minimal elegant gold theme, check it out!

2020 Bullet Journal Overview & Introduction

For my 2020 bullet journal setup, I am cracking open a brand new Leuchtturm 1917 notebook in the port red color. I really enjoy the muted or jewel tones I've been using for my notebooks the past few years and intend to stick to that. Additionally, I really enjoy the minimal elegant feel of my 2019 bullet journal and intend to keep that feeling as well. Further, this post is going to break down the introductory layouts for my 2020 bullet journal and show them off!

2020 Theme: Minimal, Elegant, & Gold

In 2019 I did a Minimal Gold overall theme. For the most part, I was able to keep up with this concept. However, I have improved my lettering skills and perfected this theme. I have intentionally added bounce to my lettering and add a more vertical element. I intend to keep this notebook far more minimal than those in the past; however, similar to last year.

Tools I Used

Below is a list of the tools I used to create the look and theme I used in these 2020 introductory pages.

Title Page

gold cover 2020 elizabeth

It took me a large majority of last year to create a title page. I was trying to come up with something creative and eventually realized that I just wanted something simple. This year, I decided not to dilly dally and went with a very minimal concept. I did a bouncy script in gold using my Sakura Pentouch. Then on the provided lines, I added "2020 Planner."

Key Page

gold key elizabeth

This year's key page is nearly identical to 2019's. I utilize only two icons and six colors. The header is in the same gold as the title page.


Again, I have utilized a nearly identical calendex this year to my previous years. I made a few minor changes to the monthly subheaders and do not plan to grey out the days as they go by. I will use this layout to chart and track major all-day events.

Future Blog

I loved the layout of this future log last year, however, I never actually used it because I had the calendex. So, this year I plan to use it for business and blog related items only. Hence why I titled it the "Future Blog."

Running To-Do

gold running to-do list elizabeth

This next page is a to-do page full of tasks that have no due date, but that I would like to be done at some point. These items are considered "running" to-do's because then run into the upcoming months and years if not completed. These tasks are not limited to business tasks but can be home repairs, decor concepts, etc.


The next few pages are essentially wishlists. I have a home wishlist and a houseplant wishlist. Again, the headers are similar and the pages are left blank to be filled in with my list. Further, I plan to pull a majority of these lists from my 2019 versions.

Period & Pill Tracking

This is one of the few tracking layouts that I actually use. I love the minimal concept of it. Additionally, I find it very important to track my period and my pills, especially if I find myself experience weird symptoms or mood fluctuations.

Subscriptions & Bill Tracking

Last year, I kept these two separate and the subscription tracker far too detailed. This year, I chose to put them at the beginning of my notebook and simplify them into two pages. I tilted the bill tracker vertical and altered my subscription tracker.

Self-Care Plan

Due to a lot of changes and stressors in my life as of late, I have decided to create a self-care plan. This will simply by a list of ideas for me to refer to each day. The items are separated into 8 categories: physical, emotional, relationships, workplace, rest-relaxation, mind, spiritual, and expression.

Products Ideas Lists

Lastly, I've included 4 whole pages for product ideas. I intend to fill these pages up quickly as I am always coming up with ideas far faster than I can create them!

What is your plan for your 2020 bullet journal? Let me know in the comments! Also, if you'd like to view my previous flip throughs and bullet journal layouts, check them out by clicking HERE.

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