2018 Bullet Journal Overview | Plan-with-Me 2018 Walkthrough

2018 Bullet Journal Overview | Plan-with-Me 2018 Walkthrough

2018 has come to a close and that means my 2018 bullet journal has as well. Here is an overview or walkthrough of my entire bullet journal for 2018. This walkthrough includes themes and notebooks for each need or month.

Planning Notebook

This is my first and main notebook where i keep my goals, to-dos, due dates, tracking, schedule, and general planning. This is the notebook I carry around with me.

green army leuchtturm1917 A5

Attempt #1

This year, I started off in a cheap off-brand notebook, created all my layouts through January and then was gifted a Leuchtturm1917. I then had to remake all my layouts. Here is that first attempt in the cheaper notebook.


January | My First Bullet Journal Layout of 2018

The first page in my January set-up is a title page or a hello January page, naturally. I had found an image on my Instagram feed that inspired this winter snow globe design. This year I want to focus more seriously on goals. For this reason, I chose to include a much larger section for goals. I have stuck with a similar layout to the ones I was previously using. However, instead of having a goals box, I simply am leaving the space open and using it for my weekly goals.

january cover snow glboe

February 2018 Bullet Journal Periwinkle Theme

For February, it is common to see pink and heart themes in bullet journaling. With Valentine’s Day being the major holiday of the month, that makes sense. However, while I have nothing against Valentine’s Day, I had no interest in theming my bullet journal that way. I chose to focus on periwinkle and keep it minimalistic.

March 2018 Bullet Journal

This month’s theme is pink flowers, as inspired by spring. Initially, the idea was to theme it with trees and other plants, but I ended up focusing more on the pink of beautiful spring flowers. I lost the pink theme in the first few weeks but picked it back up in week three.

pink hello march 2018 cover

April Elephant Bullet Journal Walkthrough

this month’s theme is green and Elephants. Green was chosen as my secondary color because it is the color of fresh grass and the leaves on the trees. Plus, it is my favorite color and elephants are my favorite animal.

May Bullet Journal | Yellow & Houseplant

This month’s theme was yellow and houseplants. I really wanted the houseplant theme to be done, though I did this minimally. I then chose yellow as my secondary color because it is a very fun and happy summery color and I am looking forward to summer so much!

June 2018 Bullet Journal | Minimal Aesthetic

I really struggled to come up with a useful theme for June’s bullet journal layout. With June being so busy and chaotic for me, I wanted something functional and easy to use. Because of this, I decided to just keep June’s layout as simple as possible. I removed all frills and stuck to clean lines. I actually prefer the changes I made and will most likely use them again in the future.

june cover

July Bullet Journal | Introduction to Life of Colour Watercolor Brush Pens

I have always loved seeing super artistic bullet journaling Instagrams who create night sky art that is phenomenal. While I could never do something so beautiful with any kind of pen, I thought that I could embrace my imperfect art style and create something sort of abstract—a night sky was the perfect fit! Thus, I created my night sky themed July bullet journaling layouts.

August 2018 Bullet Journal | Happy Sunshine Yellow

This month’s theme is sunshine yellow. I also chose to keep it more minimal that July’s more artistic spread. For July, I kept this theme by utilizing Life of Color’s bright yellow watercolor pen. I cleaned up the use of the bright yellow by outlining all words or letters with a fine point black pen. Then, I also added bright yellow washi tape racing stripes.

September Bullet Journal | I Made A Big Mistake

I kept my September layouts reasonably minimal. Despite keeping my spread minimal, The theme for this month is red. I did not go with any other theme or thread, just the same red ink from the same Tombow Dual Brush Pen. I used the red in the title page and the days of the week as well as new category tags. In addition to the red ink, I also added different washi tape to each weekly page. This washi tape either was red or had red in it.

October Bullet Journal | Autumn Pumpkins

As is obvious, for October I stuck to a watercolor pumpkin theme! I really love the pumpkin culture that comes with Halloween in the united states. Decorating with pumpkins, carving pumpkins, eating and baking pumpkin seeds! I particularly love the idea of pumpkins on vines, so this is what I chose to stick with.

November 2018 Bullet Journal | Gold & Geometry

November’s theme is gold and geometric washi tape. Gold ink is used all over the layout. The washi tape involved is a pink, orange, teal, and black geometric design with a little bit of gold foil. The entirety of the month’s layouts are centered around these two products. I also chose to stick with cursive fonts for the most part.

November cover gold

December 2018 Bullet Journal | Red & Gold

Per usual, this month’s theme is red and gold. I generally used watercolor paint for the red and stamp ink, gold washi tape, and gold. This year, I went all out and covered the majority of my pages in red pain. I then added gold detailing via the methods described before. The title page is no different as it features a gold circle. Outside of the circle is red paint and inside of the circle is gold detailing. December is written in gold, and three gold Christmas trees are drawn minimally. Over the top of the red paint is gold Christmas trees added via a stamp. These are not very bold and can really only be seen when the light shines on the gold ink.

Collection and List

In this gallery, you can find the contents of my collection and lists bullet journal. These layouts include my own personal layouts. These layouts include personal collections, pen tests, and other swatches.

Blogging and Business Bullet Journal

The goal of this notebook was to keep all business and blogging related information separate than my personal and academic information. At first, my expectation was that there would be a 100% separation. However, over time, I now keep only an overview in the blog notebook and still keep all scheduling and ‘to-dos’ in my personal planner indicated in the color pink.

>>Love my bullet journal and want to see more? Check out the layouts I make for clients here!

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