2017 Bullet Journal Cover to Cover

2017 Bullet Journal Cover to Cover

I know, I know, its May and I am just now posting my 2017 overview… I have no excuse, but here it is! Here is an overview of each month’s bullet journal layout in 2017 cover to cover! This post may contain affiliate links

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2017 bullet journal Introductory Pages

These are the pages I put at the beginning of the 2017 section in my notebook.

January 2017

January and February’s layouts were in a different notebook than the rest of the year, they were also created before I began blogging about my bullet journal. These layouts are incredibly simple and nearly identical.

January Tools

February 2017

At the end of February I had decided to switch notebooks, February is almost identical to January.

February Tools

New Notebook Intro Pages

I decided to go crazy with my new notebook, and in addition to transferring over old introductory layouts, I added some trackers and a title page!

March 2017

March is the first month I began writing about my bullet journals on Jihi Elephant. I decided to splurge and get myself a new notebook! I was so inspired by the research I did for my Simple Bullet Journal Page Ideas post that I had to re-do the design was using before March. For this journal, I also invested in some new pens.

March Tools

April 2017

For my bullet journal in the month of April, I decided to make some changes that were much-needed. In March’s spread, I talked about some things that I needed to change and add for April. I listened to myself and made those changes.

April Tools

May 2017

May’s bullet journal was very similar to that of April. It is simple, short, and organized.

May Tools

June 2017

There are quite a few aesthetic changes to my bullet journal spreads from May to June. While I was doing my pages for this month, I decided that I enjoyed their functionality but had become bored with the way they looked. So, for June, I got fun and funky with fonts and ever so slightly crazy with colors.

June Tools

July 2017

July was a crazy month for me with my move to North Carolina taking place and everything that goes down with such a drastic move. Because of this, I had placed a very specific list, and tracking pages smack dab in the middle of my weekly pages. I was also inspired by some bullet journal pages on Instagram and decided to get artsy. I broke out my Tombow Pens and went to work!

July Tools

August 2017

August’s bullet journal spread was entirely different from the creative, artsy look of July’s spread. For August, I decided to keep it classic and clean looking. I did not stray from color or creativity, I just kept it incredibly simple and functional. With this being the first month in North Carolina, and with it being the month both work and school started, the layouts had very much changed.

August Tools

September 2017

When I created September’s spread, my goal was to leave a lot of white space and keep it minimalistic. I had just got new fine tip pens and wanted to put them to use. While I am not sure that I loved having SO much white space, I definitely improved from here.

September Tools

October 2017

For October’s bullet journal, I chose to take a completely new approach. Until this point I had not really used tools like stickers or washi tape, I also had not utilized welcome or title pages. However, for October I created a title page that I absolutely love. I also decided to use houseplant stickers, cactus washi tape, and succulent washi tape, as well as houseplant doodles to add personality and color to my weekly layouts. I also decided to add a ton of list pages, check it out!

October Tools

November 2017

For November’s Bullet Journal planning spread, I did an experiment! I bought some letter and number stamps and tried to implement them tastefully. I really like the turnout! The stamps gave it a newspaper feel if you ask me. The theme for November’s spread (other than using stamps), was fall colors so you will see a lot of red, orange, yellow, and brown. Let’s get started!

November Tools

December 2017

December’s layout has a central theme: CHRISTMAS! I tried to stick with red, green, and gold. I found this beautiful hello December inspiration (with minor modifications and my own touch of course). This is the simplest and least sparkly page I created for December, featuring a reindeer!

December Tools

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