Benefits of Using Weighted Blankets

Benefits of Using Weighted Blankets
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Weighted Blankets are becoming all the range. These trendy blankets recreate the sensation of a loved one hugging you during the night. This creates a warm calming effect and a feeling of being cradled in your mother’s arms again. Especially if you believe in Freudian theories. Regardless of whether you are someone who has trouble falling asleep or someone who sleeps alone, a weighted blanket may be the cure for your insomnia and restlessness.

What is the Science Behind Weighted Blankets?

The scientific studies are based on the science of grounding. Grounding is a practice that even ancient people believed in. Today, people are grounding themselves by getting closer to the earth. It is believed that the rubber soles on most shoes interrupt the flow of magnetic waves from the earth’s molten iron core. The benefits appear to be an improvement in mood, better sleep, and even reduced inflammation. 

Another popular trend is conductive mattresses that provide greater body heat conductivity. There are many styles. Some are infused with copper. Others boast of a gel coating that transfers body heat better. And yet others may conduct some of the natural magnetism from the earth’s core. These materials may even transfer the earth’s natural energy. This happens if connected to earthing rods or ports that ground them into the earth’s crust.

Anyone who camps out regularly and sleeps in a tent will tell you about how hard it is to sleep in an apartment or home where they can’t feel the natural magnetism and vibrations of the earth. This same principle is why many trust in weighted blankets to help them retain a sense of peace and calmness at night.

Purchasing a weighted blanket for adults may work as well as conductive mattress pads in helping to normalize cortisol rhythms in the body. Because grounding is a phenomenon that is difficult to measure in its continual subtle effect on the body, the true benefits are associated by way of other studies. 

Studies show that cortisol levels have a direct impact on the quality of sleep. This is because cortisol is the stress hormone and plays an important role in overall health. Research also proves that even connecting with the earth on nature walks can reduce stress, alleviate depression, and improve overall health.

Anecdotal Evidence

Anecdotal evidence may be a better gauge of how a novel understudied science works. The anecdotal evidence suggests that weighted blankets simply help to improve mood. It really doesn’t matter what scientific mechanisms are behind it. If other people are benefiting, it is likely that you will also benefit. 

And it is logical to believe that feeling the weight, as if a person were on top of you, would help to make you feel more relaxed and comfortable. People often sleep together in more intimate settings by relying on this exact mechanism. In bygone days, mothers would tuck their children in at night as a comfort. This same type of tension, feeling as snug as a bug in a rug, can help you to recapture the youthful nostalgia. 

Whether the earthing effect or nostalgic memories are playing a role is not really important if you sleep and feel better. It is recommended that people choose weighted blankets that are set to 10 percent of their body weight. Some blankets have double sides for a snuggly warming effect of fleece or a smooth cooling sensation from cotton. And some weighted blankets have washable covers to ensure that they are hypoallergenic and easy to clean.

The calming effects of these blankets are even beneficial to children who suffer from ADHD. It is possible that children may be wound up from stress and a lack of deep R.E.M. (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. If you can try an all-natural home remedy that works or assists in solving the problem, why not try it? You probably need some updated bedding materials anyhow.


Try using weighted blankets in your home if you are having any problems with sleep or simply like the idea of comfortable and cozy bedding materials. They come in a variety of weights, styles, and sizes to ensure the best feel and fit for everyone. They appear to have some basic scientific rationales for why they are so effective. And the anecdotal evidence of their effectiveness is what draws so much interest. Try one today to see how a weighted blanket can benefit you.

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