Elizabeth Jouranls strives to help you create your BEST and most ORGANIZED self through the creation of our products.

As a full-time mental health counselor and a previous graduate school student, I always need new organizational techniques; they save my life. ElizabethJournals is the outlet for sharing my new organizational, bullet journaling, and positive living discoveries and obsessions. ElizabethJournals provides organizational tips and tricks, bullet journaling inspiration, and tools for a positive lifestyle. Additionally, you can find more hand-drawn printable planning pages and entire hand-drawn bullet journals and planners at the Store.

Brief History
In February of 2017, I created this website, originally named Jihi Elephant, in response to my 3-week trip to Cambodia. During this trip, I experienced many difficult-to-stomach things (child sex trafficking, extreme poverty, genocide, etc.). Since our beginning, we have morphed into an organization, bullet journaling, and positive living blog. The original name, Jihi Elephant, was created in response to my passion for people and obsession with Elephants. The term Jihi is Buddhist, referring to eliminating suffering with compassion. So, naturally… The goal was to help you create your best and most organized self by providing you with the tools you need to do so. However, I decided to begin the rebranding process in the spring of 2019 (though it was delayed to late summer) because the content had made a massive shift since its beginning. While the goal and purpose behind Jihi Elephant still stand, the content no longer fits. Jihi Elephant was rebranded to ElizabethJournals due to a focus on bullet journaling, productivity, and planning. Elizabeth wanted to feel more connected to her work and chose to include her name. The original plan was to rebrand to Elizabeth Journals and Planning, though this proved far too long. The final decision, as you well know, was ElizabethJournals.

About Our Creator | Elizabeth
Elizabeth is a full-time mental health counselor and houseplant enthusiast. Her ultimate goal is to provide support for those who need it and want it. When she is not studying or writing, she enjoys her huge plant collection, painting, spending time out in the sun, and organizing. Overall, Elizabeth is an optimistic person who values self-care and creating a better way of living.