An Intro to Astrology | You’re More than Your Sun Sign

Have you ever read your horoscope and thought, “hmm, that doesn’t sound at all like me…”? I sure have – I’m a Leo sun, but I shy away from the spotlight, and I want everyone to be in harmony. Once I found out I was a Libra rising, and Libra moon, I started to buy into astrology a little more because that made much more sense.

I’m here to shed some light on these three major aspects, but first – a little background and explanation of why I think astrology is important. This post is written by Sarah Ghekiere, ND.

Importance of Astrology

I like to think of astrology as a mirror of the energy patterns already happening on earth. The Babylonians were the first ones to realize this concept over 4,000 years ago. They were able to relate the earth’s energy patterns to what was happening in the sky. They realized it was a direct mirror. Astrology was then taught to the Greeks and Egyptians where it was regarded as a science which was used to bring order to chaos, predict weather patterns, wars, and natural disasters. Every king and emperor had their own personal astrologer. So cool, right?! I’d even go as far to say that even though it’s a little “Woo,” government officials around the world still have astrologers on staff. but that’s just my opinion. 😉

Importance of Astrology for Me

The earth is on a set trajectory – it was before we were born, and will continue after we are gone. So when we are born, we are born into this set of energies that is already on a certain path. Therefore, it’s been studied that our natal charts (the exact location of all the stars and planets at the moment we are born) are actually a blueprint of our souls’ energy and purpose. This is why, as a naturopathic doctor, I have taken such an interest in astrology. Not only is it fun and interesting to me, but it also allows me to have “an inside look” as to what my client may be going through and ways I can potentially help them live out their souls’ purpose.

Birth Chart

There are many different aspects to a birth chart, but I am only going to explain three major aspects – sun, rising/ascendant, and moon. To find out what sign yours are in, you need to know your birth date, time, and place. Then head over to Enter the information, and it will produce a chart for you.

Sun Sign

The sun sign – also referred to as star sign – is which zodiac sign the sun was in the day you were born. The sun stays in each zodiac sign for about 30 days. This aspect is known as your “core self or ego.” It is who you knowing or unknowingly are trying to be. It is also known as your souls’ potential. Which is why I think a lot of the time when you read about “your sign” and it doesn’t make sense to you, you haven’t become that person yet. This is true for me, like I was saying before, I hate being in the spotlight but I know that I am meant to be seen and that I will grow into that person, it’s literally written in the stars!

Rising Sign

              The rising sign, or ascendant, is the placement of the sun in the horizon to the east at the exact time you were born. The sun changes this position about every two hours or so. This aspect tells how you relate to your environment and how you express yourself to the world. It is usually the way others see you – much more evident of the person you are rather than your sun sign when it comes to others seeing you. When you are under stress this aspect becomes heightened, it’s your tendency of acting when you are craving control.

An Introduction to Astrology | You’re More than Your Sun Sign

Moon Sign

              The moon sign is the zodiac sign the moon was in when you were born. The moon changes this position every 2 – 2.5 days. Additionally, the moon represents your emotional tendencies. It’s the structure of your mental wellbeing, your needs, desires and emotional psyche, and how you process information – your emotional response system. There are also different phases the moon goes through, and depending on which phase it was in when you were born, tells you a bit about your tendencies.

Balsamic Moon

For those born under a Balsamic moon, (3 days before a new moon) you stand back and see things from a higher level, you could take or leave relationships, and you have a sensitive energy body.

New Moon

For those born under a new moon, you are very curious. You must learn things for yourself, through trial and error.

Crescent Moon

Those born under a crescent moon, this lifetime is all about growth and continuous projects.

Full Moon

Those born under a full moon, your life is relationship orientated.

I’ve had a lot of fun learning my tendencies, and “subconscious” actions revealed to me as I learn my astrological natal chart. I hope you find some enjoyment in it as well!

More About the Author

Hi! I’m Dr. Sarah Ghekiere, a naturopathic medical doctor.

I am passionate about empowering patients while supporting them through energetic and scientific principles.

From the time I was 13, I knew I wanted to be a doctor. I had pneumonia for weeks before it was finally diagnosed. I went through four different doctors before one finally took the time to listen to me, which gave way to the missing piece the other doctors had missed. It was then that I knew I wanted to be a doctor just like her – one who actually LISTENS. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

During my training and clinical experience, I learned how incredible the body is at healing itself. Therefore, I recognize that I am not the one doing the healing. I am simply providing the correct environment and information that my patients’ need for them to heal themselves. Nothing gives me greater joy than seeing my patients face light up once they’ve made the connections that free them from the discomfort that they were in when they first walked into my office. I show people that they have the ability to rise above the storm of life that has captured and whipped them around for so long. ⠀⠀

I received my Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences from Western Michigan University in 2013, and my Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from National University of Health Sciences in 2018.

I want to provide care to people all over, especially to those who may not have an ND near them but are looking for an alternative treatment. Therefore, I provide remote visit options, known as telemedicine, that can be done through video chat!

I am trained in supporting the body through a variety of conditions such as, but not limited to – depression, stress, anxiety, fatigue, headaches, migraines, autoimmune conditions, thyroid conditions, insomnia, sleep disorders, allergies, digestive issues, woman’s health, and men’s health.

Check out if you’re interested in learning more!

How to De-Condition Your Mind

In my last post, I shared the missing piece I often see when speaking with patients about gratitude and affirmation practices. If you missed it, check out the post here 🙂 

The short and sweet version is that embodiment is often the missing, yet most important piece of any gratitude or affirmation practice. We can shift the mind all we want but if that’s not being translated down into the body, then you’re not changing your energetic vibration and you won’t see the changes you could potentially be seeing with the embodiment aspect! 

Over time, an embodiment can come if people begin receiving positive feedback from their environment. Yet other times, it seems as if people are saying these affirmation mantras over and over in their minds but they’re not seeing any changes in their day to day lives. This may be happening due to conditioning that has to be uncovered first. The body must deal with the wounds that created the belief around control, self-doubt, judgment, unworthiness, you name it. 

There are 3 main pillars I work with when helping my patients de-condition their minds – creating a center of stillness, obtaining awareness, and choice. 

Let’s break each one of these down. 

De-Condition Pillar One – Creating A Center of Stillness

We start here because of how many people actually know how to self soothe? I wasn’t taught this as a child; my parents didn’t know how to self soothe themselves. I saw alcohol, running away and sleeping as the coping mechanisms – not very healthy and not constructive to my growth as a human. This pattern of not knowing how to cope has been happening for generations in my family. I’ve found that a lot of people had a similar experience. They see the destruction, they want to get out of it, but they don’t know how to. This is where I can help. I spend time working with people to find what they personally need in order to feel better, without the use of any other person, place or thing – empowering right?! 

By having a center of stillness one can go to when triggered allows the second pillar to come through. An aside on the definition of triggered – any strong emotional reaction that creates stress, upset, the dis-ease of the body, it doesn’t have to be extreme. 

De-Condition Pillar Two – Obtaining awareness 

This can only happen when we’re in a calm enough state to create a vantage point on the stories playing out in our lives. Having a vantage point is exactly what obtaining awareness looks like. It’s the explanation in our minds of why we do the things that we do. 

Active meditation and balancing the autonomic nervous system is a way to start gaining more and more aware of these patterns within us. I know what you’re thinking… meditation is too boring, too hard, and I’m just not doing it. I get it. I’ve thought the same thing. But when I started an active meditation practice, my thoughts changed. I was actually meditating and it wasn’t boring, it wasn’t super hard, and I actually looked forward to doing it. Yup – I LOOKED FORWARD TO IT! 

Download this “How to Guide” for a step by step explanation of active meditation/balancing the autonomic nervous system in the way that I practice and teach my patients to practice. It’s only 2 minutes per day – and it’s powerful AF.

De-Condition Pillar Three – Choice 

Once we become aware of the patterns playing out, we’re able to choose if we want to continue listening to them or if we want to act in a different way. This is the hard part. This is where change happens and you have the ability to become the person you are longing to be. 

Sometimes it’s easy but other times you know that you could choose to use the tools in your toolbox but you just don’t want to. I want you to know, that’s 100% okay. 

The goal is not to be perfect. The goal is to be okay with yourself no matter what stage of healing you are in. 

If you’re stuck in an old pattern, and you want to stay there because it’s easier – stay there, surrender to it, realize that it’s what you’re choosing, and love yourself anyway. I’ve found that once we surrender to where we are and take ownership, we take back our power. 

Let me know your thoughts regarding how to de-condition your mind in the comments below!

Meet the Author

Hi, my name is Sarah. I am a naturopathic doctor, reiki master, and intuitive empowerment coach. Through my naturopathic medicine internship, I began to realize that the body has a lot more to say than what I was conventionally trained to look for. I’ve found that the body stores many emotions, memories, and unhealed past events which all contribute to physical disease. I have a Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences and a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine. I love exploring the nearby forest preserves, and being outside, specifically in a forest. Learn more about me and read more of my work HERE. Check out my own site!

The Power of Gratitude & The Law Of Attraction

The practice of gratitude and law of attraction are powerful. I see gratitude as a way of shifting into a future version of ourselves - one we dream about.

Happy National Gratitude Month! The practice of gratitude is incredibly powerful. It’s something that I teach my patients about on their very first visit and continues to remind them of in the future. Further, I see gratitude as a way of shifting into a future version of ourselves – a version we often dream about.

You know, the one that doesn’t have the intense reactions when things aren’t going our way. 

The one that has no self doubt when wanting to launch the business we’ve been crafting in our minds. 

The one that has no fear of judgement and can completely be herself. 

You know, the one that is actually happy living life because she knows she’ll be provided for. 

YES, it really is that powerful!

Gratitude & the Law of Attraction

You see, the more we harness the feeling of gratitude (that loving feeling in our hearts), then, we are actually sending out vibrations to the universe. These vibrations are saying that we want more of those circumstances in our lives !!

This is how the energy behind gratitude works, it’s called the Law of Attraction. Quick digression before I continue explaining how to create a life you want to live, it’s important, I promise. 

Do you remember the film, The Secret

If you have not, it’s all about the Law of Attraction. I personally don’t think it articulates it in a practical way. After I watched that film I became obsessed with my thoughts. I thought that any sort of negative thought I had would manifest. It was actually quite exhausting and anxiety-producing. This is not the way the Law of Attraction works. Just because you have a thought does not mean that that thought is going to come true. 

The Power of Gratitude & The Law Of Attraction

The “secret” aspect of the law of attraction, is that you have to continue to place out the vibration of what you want while believing that you already have it. 

Yup, you read that right. You have to believe you already have the thing that you’re wanting to call in. 

*** This is because you have to become an energetic vibrational match for that version of yourself in order for it to land.

Say you want to be a famous musician, but you are terrified in front of crowds. Well, in order to manifest that dream, you have to step into the person that can rock it in front of crowds. Beyonce Knowles actually had an “alter ego” named Sasha Fierce to help her do this!

Law of Attraction & Health

Dr. Joe Dispenza spends his time teaching people these principals while helping them heal from physical ailments by believing that they do not have the disease they are trying to get rid of. Dr. Joe has them see themselves in life without the disease, and feel into what that feels like. In doing this, his patients are actually aligning with a healthy version of themselves. For some people, it’s a spontaneous instant healing. For others, it takes them weeks, months, years. It all depends on how powerful you truly (at a bodily level) believe yourself to be. 

What this means is that we can create the life we always wanted to live – we just have to believe it to be true. We can’t just mentally believe it to be true, that mental knowing MUST be translated into the BODY. 

The Power of Gratitude & The Law Of Attraction

Embody as in feeling into that belief, knowing that it is already yours. 

Embodiment is the missing piece when I talk with patients who already have gratitude and affirmation practice. They spend time changing mentally, re-writing the tapes their minds like to play or at least recognizing that they can shift their minds. The issue here is that it is not translated down into the body. 


Over time, I think embodiment can come if they begin receiving positive feedback from their environment. Yet other times, it seems as if they’re saying these affirmation mantras over and over in their minds but they’re not seeing any changes in their day to day lives. 

Sometimes this happens due to conditioning that has to be uncovered first, the body must deal with the wounds that created the belief around control, self-doubt, judgment, unworthiness, you name it.

Stay tuned for my next post on how to shift out of these conditioning patterns. For now, I invite you to work on the future self visualization process that I give to all of my patients on their first visit. It’s a simple yet powerful process that can be implemented daily. I’d love to know how it goes for you!

Download Dr. Sarah’s Future Self Visualization PDF here

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Meet the Author

Hi, my name is Sarah. I am a naturopathic doctor, reiki master, and intuitive empowerment coach. 

Through my naturopathic medicine internship, I began to realize that the body has a lot more to say than what I was conventionally trained to look for. I’ve found that the body stores many emotions, memories, and unhealed past events which all contribute to physical disease. 

During this time I was also on my own healing journey. It was on this journey that I began to realize how powerful awareness is.  I concluded that in gaining awareness, our perspective will shift, and in perspective shifts, our entire lives will shift and we will begin to live life authentically, with meaning. I hold space for people to explore these unknown aspects within themselves, spaces they otherwise wouldn’t explore. Through this exploration, we come to the awareness that will ultimately set them free and allow them to heal. The way I see it is that I’m just a human, supporting another human with an open heart and a nonjudgmental mind. 

I received my Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences from Western Michigan University in December of 2013, my Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from the National University of Health Sciences in April of 2018. Additionally, I received my Reiki Master Certification in January of 2019, and I am currently in a Masters of Acupuncture program at the National University of Health Sciences, will graduate in December of 2020. 

I live in the suburbs of Chicago with one of my best friends and my dog, Reece. I love exploring the nearby forest preserves and occasionally venturing down to Starved Rock and Matthiessen State Parks. Being outside, specifically in a forest, is where I find myself happiest. I also enjoy reading, writing, and talking about universal concepts with my friends. They always joke that no conversation with Sarah can happen without it turning existential. Good way to be if you ask me!

Feel free to email me at or DM me on IG @sarahghekiere.nd! Check out more posts by Sarah HERE.

30 Astrology Zodiac To Inspire Your Bullet Journal

I do not know much about astrology or zodiac signs, or really anything related; however, my sister is and I find it very fascinating to learn! While I was browsing some astrology information, it occurred to me that there might be bullet journal layouts inspired by astrology and zodiac signs. Here is a round-up of over 30 astrology and zodiac inspired bullet journal layout ideas.

Astrology for Beginners by Witchshallow

I need this layout, since I am a beginner and all.

Astrology Signs

This beautiful minimal spread includes a rundown of all of the signs!

Astrology-Inspired Hello February

Love this astrology-inspired hello page! I will surely use this at some point!

Astrological Calendar by Wildhvnt 

As a planner, I love a good calendar. Love the simplicity and use of illustration in this one.

Birth Chart by ZennedOut

Here is a birth chart, I need to create one and have my sister help me out with it!

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Star Chart

Astrologically Inspired

I do not personally understand this layout, but I love it and it seems to fit in here!

This layout goes to show that you don’t need an expensive bullet notebook to make an awesome bullet journal layout. As you can see, even a lined notebook can be an amazing bullet journal.

Zodiac Signs

I absolutely love the watercolor in this layout. Also, the format of the layout is amazing!

Again, love a simple layout! Additionally, I am a huge fan of symbols and I love the use of colors and symbols here. 

Astrology-Inspired by EvyDraws

While these two layouts are not specifically about astrological things, The first is a weekly layout and the second is a mind map that look as if they could be!

Star Chart by KaijuMaddy

This one is a star chart, how neat!

Astrological Doodle by Paulina of @doestudies

Astrology-Inspired Hello June by @elvish_ink

I love a good minimal layout, this one is particularly nice because of it’s use of starts which seem to be bursting from the middle.

Astrology Page by Herbs-and-Spells

How neat is this layout? I love the use of blues and paint, as well as, the use of symbols.

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Zodiac Signs by Nat of @Nattstudies

Zodiac Signs by @this.scrapjournal

Tarot Symbols by @willowseast

Lunar Calendar by @paperlemons

Scorpio Zodiac Layout

I love how this layout utilizes light on dark and focuses on only one zodiac sign. Also, the use of watercolor is, again, amazing!

Moon Phases by @psychonote

How can you use the moon phases?

Astrology Lunar Calendar by @organisedhustler

Love a good lunar calendar! Check out this one!

Moods & Moons by @bujo.brookie

Ever notice your mood is tied to the moon cycle or astrology? Check out this awesome layout! Additionally, learn more about astrology HERE.

Astrological Hello April by  @amandarachdoodles

Hopefully, you are now inspired to create your own astrology or zodiac bullet journal layout!

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