20+ Easy Memory Spreads to Capture Your Special Memories

Have you ever thought about incorporating your scrapbooking into your bullet journal? Keep hold of our memories in written or visual forms is a great way to remind yourself of the good times and the bad times you learned a lesson from. It can also be a great outlet for creativity or processing an experience. This post will walk you through over 20 great examples of memory pages for your bullet journal!

May Memories & Reflections

This memory spread is a great one to start with because it incorporates memories by name and reflections from the month. I like the simplicity of this one!

image credit: Pinecone Paper

Adventures Memory Spreads

Here is a more specific memory spread because it focuses on adventures! The purpose of this page (though it isn’t filled yet) is to paste some pictures on it!

image credit: CalistaBujo

black adventure page Calista

Review in Doodles Memory Page

This page is particularly pleasing to look at because of the organized yet chaotic nature of the visuals. Also, the visuals represent the memories well!

image credit: Clarissa

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Watercolor Space & Planets Header

Sometimes, a memory spread can be as simple as a border page to journal in or paste photos in. Sometimes, it does not need to be complicated or detailed!

image credit: CalistaBujo

blue purple pink happy page Calista
notebook on desk top surrounded by pens and paper clips. pages include a fruit-themed May cover and May memories page

Goodbye May & Memories

Here is another cute monthly memory page! This one is drawn to look like cute little notes taped down with striped washi tape! I love that it has sections for important people.

image credit: Bujoing

Polaroid Photo Memory Log

Here is another photo-based memories page! This one features eight “polaroid” spots for photos to be pasted in and for a caption to go below each photo.

image credit: DanielleBujo

dark-blue-memories-Danielle (6)

Memories with Friends

I love the incorporation of photos, varied lettering, doodles, and captions on this memory page. It seems that this one is for friends! What a great spread!

image credit: MashaPlans

Pink Watercolor Memory Spread

Do you love watercolor? Then this beautiful pink and purple watercolor border is perfect for your memories!!

image credit: CalistaBujo

pink purple watercolor page Calista

Honeycomb Memory Tracker

Honeycombs are another great way to organize memories. You can use each honeycomb for a separate memory, or you can keep it as a nice backdrop for your memories!

image credit: DanielleBujo

Minimal Arrow Borders

Are you looking for something a little more minimal? This minimal arrows memory spread might be perfect for you! 

image credit: CalistaBujo

black arrow page Calista

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Nate Notes | Memories Per Person

Your memory pages do not have to be based on a period of time. While time-based memory logs are most common, you can also create them according to a topic, theme, or the people in your life. This gorgeous minimal spread notes memories for the creator’s son. 

image credit: Sandy

November Memories

I have included this layout because it is vastly different from all of the others discussed. I really appreciate the use of color and the scrapbook vibe that this one gives off!

image credit: DineandDish

dark-blue-memories-Danielle (1)

Holiday Ornament Memory Page

The last layout that I am going to talk about here is a holiday memories page!! Adding some holiday decor is a great way to spruce up your memories!

image credit: DanielleBujo

Floral Memories

What would you put into your memory page? Want more Bullet Journal inspiration? Check out more by clicking HERE!

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